Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Alot has happened since our auction on May 6th but I guess this is better late than never. We hosted an adoption fundraiser to try to cover our travel and orphanage expenses for the last leg of our journey. God blessed us tremendously. We received over 165 items and every one of them sold. It was amazing to see how much Julia is loved before she has even arrived. The family support meant a lot and the support of our church family was awesome. Julia's Grandma Susan came up with the idea of the auction and it was unique in that we only asked for items that people specialized in making and services that they could provide. Good idea, Grandma Susan.

Picture #1 - Miss Nancy standing beside the Budbotham Monkey Family that she made for the auction. She will be traveling with us to get Julia.

Picture #2 - Chase and Matthew had their own table set up at the auction selling bolo ties and tumbled and carved rock keychains that they made. They did really well.

Picture #3 - Grandma Susan and Myself getting pictures in before the auction started.

Picture #4- Tim and Uncle Tony had control in the kitchen and serving the guests some Chinese Cuisine (Keith Carter, who is in the picture as well, cooked all day long with a friend of his to donate a cooler full of meat and a stack of homemade items. The gentleman that helped him and provided his professional grill and meat did not even know us but believes in the adoption process.)

Picture #5 - Aunt Cindy, Grandma Kay, Cousins Olivia and Stewart were there to help as well. Grandma Kay was assigned cooking the rice in the kitchen and Aunt Cindy logged all of the auction items as they were won.

Picture #6 - Julia's family. Tim (the head chef that night), Leah (the project manager), Matthew & Chase (salesmen at large) & Baby Carson (had fun crawling out of his outfit).

Picture #7 - Chase, Matthew, Olivia, Carson & Stewart - You couldn't keep these cousins apart if you tried. Julia is going to have such good family support.

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