Monday, September 15, 2008

Chase's 11th Birthday Bash!
There's a story behind this cake (the second attempt)..Self-rising flour
Chase blowing out his candles for the 1st set of guests
Chase's opening his loot! Aunt Cindy went ahead and informed his guests of when her birthday would be. Let's just say kids are very generous these days.
Matthew & Olivia convincing a guest to come on over to the big skating rink
Weird, some of the boys wanted to hang around and see the gifts being opened. The girls went back out to skate. I always thought it was the other way around?

Stewart found him a party member just his size. He and Grayson decided to play pool...much safer
Stewart doing his "dance" with the pool cue

Daddy doing Carson duty during the party. Kane decided video games were more his thing as well.
"J" getting a good feel for his feet with skates before taking a lap. No, he did not land on his hiney.
Chase taking his Birthday lap by himself. He was so worried that we would fall in front of everyone and have to crawl around the rink. He did great.

Room #1..This is where most of the guys took up residence.
Room #2 Mix of guys and girls...sweet, sweet group of kids

A, A & O group photo
Yes, can you believe a 3 year old can skate. I guess I'm a little sheltered. Carson had the best time falling. He actually got pretty good before leaving.
This is the position Carson stayed in the majority of the time but with the help of some of the girls, he didn't mind.

Austin and Matthew checking out the party room.
Yes, this is Olivia on her rump! hee hee
Aunt Cindy decided to take a before picture of me putting on skates. No, I did not fall and have to leave the party. The batteries on my camera died before we could get an after shot at the end of the party. NOTE: Marsha, the one in the skirt beside me got her a pair as well and did great. I had to triple dog dare her before she would give in.
Boy, am I tired today. What do you do when 40 kids come to a party? You outsource!!! Chase has never had his bday party by himself since he was born. Chase and Matthew's bdays are a week apart so we have always had them together. Well, since Matthew is getting past the big party stage, Chase asked if he could have his by himself this year and invite a "few more" friends. This group of kids was wonderful. They had such good manners and everyone seemed to have a great time. Chase had been working really hard saving money over the past month for a nice TV for his room. Well, after his party, he was able to come home and order his TV online. He was so excited. Thank you to all the family and friends that helped in the party room.
Julia was saved by Poppy during the party. You will find her in one picture eating cake in the party room. She had basically just gotten there an hour and a half after the party started and left to go eat Mexican with Poppy after her cake. Then she decided Poppy should take her back to her house so she didn't have to stay at this "too many people" /"high anxiety" affair. I give her kudos for at least joining us in the crowded party room.
Chase's actual birthday is not for another couple of weeks but Happy Birthday, Chase!
We Love You!


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