Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jr. Beta Club Induction - Matthew & Olivia

Congrats to Matthew and Olivia on entering the Beta Club. Now, let's see if they can remain a member for the rest of their school years.

I don't think Matthew wanted me walking down in front of everyone to get this group shot. Don't you just love embarrasing your kids?

This is Chaz. One of Matthew's best friends since they were little. Chaz is one grade ahead of Matthew so he's always there to give advice on how to handle the next school year coming up.
We solemnly swear to uphold the rules and regulations of the Beta Club, to study every waking hour and never give our parents one minute of problems. Well, it didn't quite go like that but it was close.

This is Alex. She is Matthew's SPECIAL friend this year. Congrats to Alex as well!
I think this is where Matthew and Evan asked me to go back to work and quit taking pictures.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

SmileyCentral.com Mother's Day/Jubilee/Trike Ride

Yes, that is a coursage that you see in front of a beautiful flower that my mom gave me. The flower is actually growing inside a lava rock from Hawaii. It might live seeing as it requires very little watering and is in front of where I sit to eat every night. It was a wonderful day and I am proud to be the mother of four wonderful kids.

If you haven't noticed, I have been pretty slack on blogging here lately. Once a month seems to be the norm these days thus resulting in the title of this blog being three-part. In this blurred picture, you will see Chase on the far left and Matthew in the striped shirt, top right corner. This was Children's day at church and the children led the night service. Chase opened up with the welcome announcements and Matthew gave his testimony at the end of the night. Wow, what a kid. I would NEVER have gotten up in front of all those people at his age and spoke. I didn't let him know that until after it was over with. I am very proud of both of them.

This was the trike parade that took place for the preschoolers prior to the evening service. I think the bib I happened to throw on Carson says it all.

Well, some people didn't quite adhere to the age restrictions to enter the trike parade. This is the back of Mr. Gary. Mr. Gary is the one who so graciously ran all the electronics the night of our auction to raise money for Julia. He is a very special guy.

Yes, this picture is out of place and should be at the bottom. We attended the annual Jubilee Festival in Montgomery and decided to take pictures on the river while waiting for the bands to start up. Chase won the squeegy bottle in his hands by doing 10 pullups at the Marine's booth.
Julia was not too sure about the trike parade and decided to stay behind until everyone else was well on their way around the parking lot.

She did want to partake in the popsicle part of the trike parade and had no problems devouring her snack.... Little piggy.
Carson, Judson and Becca Beth had a little race going on to see who could finish first and make the biggest mess.
You always have the book worm in the family and then there's the athelete. Chase wanted to do the pullups every time we passed this booth. I was so glad to see they shut it down around 10:30 p.m. How many pullups can a 9-year-old perform.

Alright, already. No, none of the rest of the family can beat your record. Matthew did get up there and try to do one. Well, like I said, he tried.

This is what you wear when you are 12 and attending a Sugarland concert. Yes, we pay for blue jeans that have holes in them already.

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