Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Break Backwards

Ended the week with a t-ball game. Carson wore his glove on his head
more than on the ground.
"Z" waiting for approval to swing.

I think he might have been running the wrong way. Do you think
he cares?

"A" was the first batter of the game.

Little smile at the zoo park

Could my oldest really be hitting the 6' mark?
Can you be goofy?

This is a major milestone in our zoo life. Chase actually climbed the rock
beside the lion cage.
Yes, we had 11 more pups. Almost all are sold already!!!
Julia was our model for our website.

Matthew trying to hold up his 4lb bass.
Julia loves Mr. Matt

Playing at a friend's bday party.

Are you ready for the slopes, T?

Yes, I do have an upper lip. Not too sure where it went for this picture.
Tim and I took a trip WITHOUT the kids with our Sunday school
class to NC for some skiing. Never done it before. Will probably not do it
again. Going down a hill 90 mph with no brakes is not my cup of tea.
So where are we now? We are trying to get used to waking up at 6 a.m. again and getting everyone back into their regular routine. Only 9 more weeks until summer break hits. I don't think I can afford the food that these kids take in when they are not in school. Yikes! I better start plowing the ground for fresh veggies.
We are on day 54 of our wait for our LOA. We hope to get it in the next couple of weeks. That would put us traveling in June. We are getting closer and it seems like our time is flying by, right now. It seems like this year is flying by. We are at the stage of raising the orphanage fees. Yard sale is in less than two weeks and spent yesterday loading stuff on ebay.


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