Thursday, July 29, 2010

Peace out/call me, We are outa here!!
Simon and Miko have made this trip great. Lily and Rebecca we love you but these guys didn't miss a beat!

5th Floor of the Toshiba building is where you would find us eating at the Banana Leaf. Joan got to waltz with the entertainment on the last trip over.

I'm a little diva and I have the painted toenails to prove it.

Apartments right around the corner from the 5 star hotel.

The mall (Pearl Market) where we hung out. There were probably a hundred stores at least per floor.

We went to the Guandong Art Museum yesterday. This is one of the courtyards.

Chase and his spoiled sister.

This was one piece of wood used to carve this entire thing.

Door to the museum.

This was Miko telling me to give Chaning a high-five that meant I promised to give her candy later if she would not suck her fingers. It worked!!!

Simon, telling us the history of the museum. Great storyteller, he is.
We are leaving right now and will be home Saturday evening at 7:05 p.m. arriving at the Montgomery airport. We do not mind if you would like to meet us then to welcome Chaning home. She is very excited to meet the rest of her crazy family. Signing off!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Let the packing begin!!

Chaning is ready to start packing and head to the USA

I wonder what they could be purchasing off the streets?

Latin Grill for dinner. They walk around and slice all different kinds of meat on your plate. I think Joan just was told she was eating something that goes quack, quack.

All dressed up for her US Consulate Appt. It's official.

This is the view from our room.

All prettied up.
Nap time with her bros.

We went to Justco today and Chaning picked out a Chinese Barbie.

This is not a morning princess. She loves walking through the buffet for breakfast and picking her items out.

This is her regular menu for breakfast.
Channing is officially ours. We will receive her visa and passport tomorrow afternoon and then we are free to leave China. We will arrive at the Montgomery airport at 7:05 p.m. Saturday night. Chaning is super excited to meet her Baba, sister and brothers. She starts jumping up and down when I tell her we are going home in a couple of days.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Today, we have had a little bit of a communication snafoo when it comes to signing the word "eat". Chaning translates it as brush teeth. I've had to stop her from brushing her teeth at least 3 times today.

Past time for bed. The shirt says it all.

Anyone want me to bring them back some of these??

This was the English speaking salesperson for my camera buying escapade and it was very limited English at best.

Today, Joan and Mom took the boys to the huge Asian waterpark right outside the city. One flume was 10 stories tall! I chose to skip out on the infamous zoo trip and stay in the room and await my "all clear" at the Consulate call from Simon. (Miko is our other guide) Simon and Miko delivered my nice big x-ray to our room this afternoon. This x-ray has to stay straight, not be bended and will be given to the CDC who will be awaiting my arrival into Detroit Saturday. They will then sign off on Chaning entering the country and then will follow up with us???

Chaning and I ventured out all the way to the 2nd floor today for lunch at a market. We then decided to go to the playroom here in the business center. That was short lived. After much persuasion, Chaning and I took a very long nap.

'Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.' Isaiah 40:31. Boy, did God lay the right verse on Amy's heart for this day. Yesterday just about did me in but today was wonderful.

The attached pictures were taken this evening after I took a little stroll over to the Friendship Store/5th Floor/Camera section. I love you, Tim. Mommy had to have a camera. I have driven everyone crazy in the last hour taking pictures. Just wait till tomorrow!!;0)

Tomorrow, we will meet as a group around 10 a.m. and travel to a toy/super market. No, this is not the one we went to 4 years ago, travel group or else I would be skipping it. Not sure what to expect at this one but love a mystery. Tomorrow afternoon, Chaning and I will go to the US Consulate and have the swearing in ceremony. Thursday, she will receive her passport and visa and then Friday, we start heading home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Pearl River Cruise

Today was not the best day I have had in China but it was another day learning about my daughter's strength and beauty.  We started the day meeting in the lobby at our usual 9:30 time.  We traveled via our bus to the island so that all the kids could have their TB test read.  Well, guess who arm looked raised and suspicious?  Yes, Chaning seemed to have failed their test so she had to move on to the next step which was a chest x-ray.  Needless to say, I was a little emotional while we went through this little escapade.  Thank you Rebecca for checking on us and calming my fears and thank you Patty for praying over my little girl before the x-ray.  It also helped that mom and Joan happened to walk to the medical plaza with me as well.  Little sleep, home sick and now worrying about my baby doesn't make for a happy momma.  I paid for her x-ray and they called us back.  I had Miko explain to Chaning that all they were doing was taking a picture of her.  My little princess stepped right up to the machine raised her arms as instructed and smiled for the picture of her chest.  I think there was a little bonding going on at that moment between the two of us.  We waited about 5 minutes and Miko came out and said I could relax her x-rays were clear and she had a false positive.  But, we are now going to be the proud owner of a large set of x-rays that we get to lug back through the airport and to immigration so that we can prove that she does not have tb in order to enter the U.S.  You have got to be kidding me.  Could we not just check a box saying it is clear. 5 more days and we will be HOME!!!!!  Is anyone detecting a tad bit of PMS in my voice.  Yes, it is almost midnight and I should be sleeping but want to make sure I document the exciting times we are having.
Tonight, we went on the Pearl River Cruise.  It really was no different than when we went back in 2006.  Pigs knuckles, fried chicken feet, yard moss, those are just a few of the yummy items that were on the buffet.  I had the boys run out to Starbucks once we got back.  Chaning did enjoy the food and the ice cream.  This girl loves her some orange juice and ice cream.  The orange juice you receive in China is freshly squeezed.  She is going to be in for a rude awakening when we return home and she finds out I do not get up every morning and squeeze our oranges.
Story for later - Today on the bus, our guide said she would like to call each families name out to make sure we were there.  She asked that when she called out our child's name in Chinese, we could just raise our hand to let her know we were there.  Chaning was standing up in her seat.  When Miko said Li Yun, Chaning raised her hand up really high and just started smiling.  The whole bus was laughing.  This girl is a crazy mess.  We have all had fun with her.  She is extremely smart and does not get aggravated at my English speaking self as she continues to teach me Chinese.
Pictures may become fewer as my camera lense was accidentally busted on our cruise tonight.  Tim, please wire money for your sweetie a new camera. 

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Medical Exam & Li Wan Plaza

Yesterday, I didn't post because there wasn't much to report about besides the medical exam that took most of the day.  Chaning had to have 3 shots and the TB test.  It was determined that she needed 2 to begin with and then they dug deep and found another shot that they had missed to begin with.  For those following after us, the pneumonia shot is what makes up the biggest bulk of the cost of the shots, 800 Yuan.  After the appointment, we had just enough time to eat lunch and then return to the bus.  Chaning had no side effects from the shots and ran no fever.  She did stay up a little later last night than usual and seemed a little tired this morning.  She is usually awake before 7 a.m. but I had to wake her up this morning.  We decided to appease the boy's palate last night and ventured to Pizza Hut.  It was actually really good.  Chaning loves their herb crusted shrimp, chicken wings and mango ice cream shake. Anytime someone hands us a menu, she immediately looks through and picks out her four-course meal.
This morning, we did our group photo here at the hotel.  We have 12 families here in our group.  We then boarded a bus and headed to the pearl market.  Enjoyed watching the ladies string the pearls in no time flat.  The tourquoise always is my next favorite shop.  Who can come this far without visiting the electronics store as well.  Purchased the new movies for $2 a piece, some were $1.50. I also was able to purchase some chinese lullaby cd's.  Chaning's chinese is really good.  Wherever we go, someone is translating for us.  Her once little voice is now the loudest when we are out in public.  She loves to laugh and will speak with much enthusiasm. If only we could understand everything she is saying.  If we are out shopping for too long, she will being saying something over and over.  Someone will chime in and translate for her,  "I want to go home".  So she has her limits. We will work on that;)
Tonight we had our group dinner at a local Thai restaurant.  It was wonderful.  Of course, it is always nice when you have a lazy susan in front of you and everyone shares what they ordered.  They had a little guitar band with a line of dancers.  Chase and Foster were asked to come up and dance with them.  Video will be posted soon.
Tomorrow, we will return to the Island once again to have her TB test read and then will finish some shopping and go on the Pearl River Cruise tomorrow night.  We did that when we picked up Julia.  The lights are beautiful but the food is not all that from what I remember. I can afford to miss a meal right now.  Last trip, I lost 5lbs from eating very little.  This time, we have not starved at all.  The food has actually been very good.


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