Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy 84th Birthday, Granddaddy!
This blog is in honor (not memory, mind you) of my Grandfather. Do you have that person in your life that only comes along once? You know, that certain individual that is always wise beyond their years, knowledgable on just about every subject and is interested in learning more on that which he is not too certain about. The person that is fair no matter what the situation is, always there for you no matter what you did and always has the pratical, sensible solution to just about any situation. The person that doesn't have to say much and just sits back at times and observes.
The person that spent his life the way each and every individual only dreams of spending it.. retire at 49, work in your own workshop going from hobby to hobby (jewelry making, rock digging, clock making, blowing glass, stained-glass lamps/skylights and the list goes on); move to Jekyll Island so that he could play golf, build a new shop and do a little bike riding. The person that when they are 65 has the health and figure of a 35 year-old, doctor verified information.
The person that has never gotten caught up in the materialistic portion of life and has the philosophy, if I can't build it or buy it at a reasonable price then I don't need it. The person whose moral and ethical principles are upright and excellent.

I have! This person is my Grandfather born on January 12th, 1923. I and my entire family have been extremely blessed to have him as a part of our family. I would like to wish him a Happy Birthday and let him know that his life has had a tremendous impact on those around him and will be something that all of us will share with those coming up behind us for years to come. On the other hand, knowing you, you'll be around for another 20 years so you can tell them yourself.:-)

We had a little get together tonight and enjoyed some pizza and birthday cake together. Yes, Matthew ate too much pizza and had to bail. We left a little space between Mom and Tim to photo shop him in later.

Our special guests for the night were Tara and Nick. Nick is my cousin who I had not seen in a couple of years. We enjoyed the little time that we had to spend catching up.

Carson absolutely fell in love with Tara and wanted to leave with them.

Nick and Tara are both in college and will finish up in a year with their Physician Assistant degrees. I am very proud of them.

Cousins: Laurie, Me (the little midget) and Nick

Julia actually sat with Meme and went through her sign language book. She also gave her a bye-bye hug! Wow, that was huge.

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