Monday, August 30, 2010

Instant Replay

Chaning's first football game. She cheered so well for her brother.
She cringed on cue for her brother

Did I mention that his helmet didn't quite match the others after we painted it? Don't believe the spray paint colors shown on the can. Easy to pick him out in his red head protector.

Such studious formation he has.

Go #34

Down, set...

Aunt Cindy braved the concession stand with all three littles twice. Chaning required more sugar to keep her cheerleader strength up.
Chaning's first day at pre-k by herself was Monday so she and I spent Sunday night together making a poster for her classroom that included pictures from her classroom in China. She strutted into her room carrying her poster.

What else to do when it downpours at a social. See how many goofballs you can squeeze into a porch swing.

I thought this picture turned out kinda cool. Someone needed to issue these two a ticket.

My little cuddlebug!!

Promotional picture for our orthodontist. Wonder if I get a discount for the next two or three kids??

Redneck fun. Each kid loved being hoisted up in the air. Only Mr. Matt could earn Julia's trust to do this.

Carson's turn.
They say Sunday's basketball hurt them. I think it was the Saturday night football. Joel, I loved the mouth to mouth resuscitation disclaimer.

Ben, please wear your glasses next time. Please stay tuned for the many faces of Amy collaige.

Do you think Carson ate his dinner before or after the brownie?

Chaning makes so many friends because she does not forget a face and when she sees you for the second time, she acknowledges your presence and has the warmest smile.

Someone found Foster.
Someone finally saw that Foster showed up for the social and took off running.

Chaning's first bridal/birthday shower. She kept thinking she was at a birthday party so we just didn't tell her any different.
Laurie opening Chaning's gift.
Do you like it???
Chaning and Julia posing for their photo session with Laurie. Chaning arrived with a sticker on one arm and a play tattoo on another.
This has been a huge week for us. A little bit of normalcy has returned to the frontier and it was very welcomed. Chaning attended school yesterday for half a day by herself without mommy. She cried for about 15 minutes and then spent the rest of the time having fun. Today, she figured out that mommy was going to leave her again and cried the entire way to school. I don't really think I should call it a cry but more like a fake whine. She shed big tears once we arrived at school so I left thinking I would be called back within 20 mins to get her.... I waited and I waited, I taught my aerobics class and once finished was told the test message read... "She didn't even cry for five minutes and is doing great". Two hours later, I received a text picture of her on the playground having the best time with the other kids. Two hours after that, I got the phone call that she was asking when I would return but cooperated at nap and was doing good. I walked in at 2 o'clock (okay, I ran in. I couldn't wait to see her). I didn't let her know I was there and observed her for a few minutes. She was right in the middle of playing with the other kids and it was so heart warming.
Let me just stop and say that this is NOT normal protocal for a child to start school a month after they have arrived home and each child is different. Due to the fact that Chaning was used to Kindergarten in China each day, that she was so well prepared by her foster parents for this transition and me sitting at school with her for three weeks... her therapist thought we could try to go ahead and leave her for a short period of time but needed to be prepared to go backwards. This child never ceases to amaze me. Yes, I have two teachers that watch her like a hawk for sadness, irritability and for times that she might just get nervous because of the language barrier and they adjust her situation to suite those times, if needed. I thank God that he is helping to heal my daughter's heart, calm her fears and help her to build her trust that we will not put her in harms way and that we will return. Each day, I leave a bracelet off my arm and tell her to keep it for me until I come back to get her. It's sad to think that she feels I will come back for a bracelet but not just for her. That too will disappear with time.
Next week, we should find out when exactly Chaning and I will travel to Ohio Children's Hospital. We were told today that we will have to be there for four to five days with testing being performed each day and the last day a plan of action given to us, if any. I know this will set Chaning back a little with her trust and stability at school and at home being gone but we cannot wait to see where we are medically and move forward.
Tomorrow is a new day! Four different school drop-offs and pickups. I love my kids.


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