Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Luvin some visits w/Meme & Granddaddy

Meme getting her "thank you" hugs after delving out some more sugar in the form of candy to the double trouble crew.

This is such a cute picture of Gdaddy with the dumplings but the sun made Julia's face look a little bright.

This is what it looks like on Meme's porch when the little ones come to visit... lots & lots of noise and quick movement. We keep our visits down to a 30-minute maximum.

Julia has found a new funny. She loves for Gdaddy to sing.

NOTE: He does have to remove his hearing aide when we show up or turn it off.

Thank you for the priceless entertainment, Gdaddy!

No Wheelchair or Walker Needed Yet?

What I do need is a good hair color job quite often. Thank you Sandra for lunch and coffee @ no other than Starbucks. And no bday is complete without pizza and a cake from Publix. Thanks Mom for the great evening!

The kids were so sweet with their gifts and singing.

You can quit counting the candles because they are not quite accurate.. shucks!

Road Trip w/out Momma???

Julia decided she no longer wanted to sport the ears, so Noonie had to take over.
Julia w/Poppy in GA

Noonie and Julia ready to party!
Mom called about a month ago and requested that Julia and Carson escort her to a annual Halloween Party that is held at Noonie's nieces house in Georgia. That's right, I said Georgia. Let's see, last time I checked that's about four hours from here. Yikes! Well, Carson crouped a couple of nights before their departure...nope - that's an automatic stay at home with Momma, so that left Julia leaving me. She was too excited and had a blast. She left me for 2 DAYS but was just fine. She did start to ask to come home on the last day. She wanted her Momma..awwh. Thank you Noonie and Poppy for spoiling her once AGAIN.

Halloween 2008
The Crew ready for Fall Festival

In a group of 1200 people, how hard could it be to track down Minnie Mouse, a Lion and Indiana Jones? After walking the entire campus, they were seated behind the booth I was helping with eating.
If only Julia would have been Dorothy or the Tin Man.

Carson was a nice Lion and refused to be ferocious.

Prissy little Minnie.

This paint job didn't last an hour.
We attended our church's fall festival on Wednesday night and then went to a close neighborhood to a friend's house to trick-or-treat. The kids had a blast. The older ones were able to run around with radios by themselves and the babies were escorted around via a hayride to each street. We had a blast. Living in the country makes it hard to do the old fashioned trick-or-treating so this made it feel like the old days.


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