Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Almost Back to Normal

There is still a lot of swelling
Hasn't stopped her from wearing her finest to school

Carson caught with his hand in the froot loop bag

Whatcha talkin 'bout momma?

Tomorrow will be one week since Julia's surgery. She is doing great. The bruising seems to be at a minimum this time in comparison to her last surgery. She asks each morning if her "nose is gone now", meaning is it better yet. She asks this right before she asks the question, Will Chaning be here in three weeks? She is so ready to be a big sister again. Tonight, she let me put a little peroxide on her nose. This is supposed to remove some of the blood clots formed on the stitches. She is still hypersensative about anything touching her nose at this point, so it may be a while before the blood boogers are gone.
We appreciate all the emails, calls and her favorite today- a card from her PandaPal group including some stickers. This will be Julia's last cleft revision surgery until she is much older and decides that she might want something additional. That was wonderful news to our ears. She has been through so much in her short time on this earth and whatever pain or sadness we can block from coming her way, this momma is there. Although, I think she can hold her own as she keeps blossoming into a kind, strong and very considerate blessing from God.
We spent Saturday at our local park due to the beautiful weather we had. Yes, it was around 70 without the wind making it feel like 50. It was a wonderful day and we ended it by going birthday shopping for Chaning. Each child was able to pick something out for their sister. We hope to send her second care package by Monday. Hopefully, she will get it in time for her birthday.
We are closing in on day 40 of our wait for our LOA. I cannot believe it has already been 40 days since our LID...unbelievable. I so hope we receive it within the next 30 days. I know the long wait will be the 8 weeks following that waiting to travel. It is starting to feel so real here lately. There seems to be that point in an international adoption where you are doing no paperwork, you see God providing the means for the adoption and you just can breathe and that's when the reality of what is about to take place sets in. It is a wonderful feeling with a lot of excited included in that.
We cannot thank those enough that have reached out to us whether by donating your time, prayers or money to help us get to where we are today. I am just speechless each time we are sent an updated spreadsheet from LifeSong showing our current donations. Chaning is so loved.


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