Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Mr. Jetlag, please go away!

Lunch at around 3:00 at Johnny Rockets
My precious big sister.

A visit to B'ham would not be complete without visiting Karla. Chaning was past tired by this time.

This was rice krispie treat #1 out of many snacks she consumed during our 4 hour visit to the Intl Adoption Clinic today. She was a trooper but the ear wax removal was almost a deal breaker. Daddy had to pull the plug on the blood drawing after they continued to not find good vial is all you get.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Sunday, August 01, 2010

We made it HOME.....

Julia is so proud of her new sister. She woke up this morning and crawled in bed and said, "Thank you, momma, for bringing Chaning home". My heart just melted.

She's gotta have her hair fixed for photo sessions.

All three playing together.

The sacrifices Carson is going to have to make. When we walked through the door last night, Carson came in before Chaning and put his arms out wide and said, "Welcome home, Chaning. This is your new house".

She likes boy and girl toys.

We might have to discuss the seating arrangement.

We are so glad to be home. It was a long journey here but so worth it. We have video and pictures of her welcome home at the airport but you will have to wait for those as I need to gather them up from those that were there. Pictures were not something I stopped to take once we landed at the airport. I just wanted to see my family. Chaning knew who her daddy was and stayed in his arms for the longest. She also gave out hugs to her sister and brothers. She did so good to have so many coming at her.
Two things I woud like to cover on this posting: The first, is a huge thank you to the friends and family that stepped up while we were gone and kept kids, cleaned the house - organized my laundry room, brought food, went grocery shopping and just loved on my kids to make them feel comfortable. Tim did a great job of holding the fort down but what you did made the fort stay standing until we returned.
Secondly, I would also like to thank the foster family. Yollanda, Pung, Nicole & Auntie the love, stability, food, clothing and education that you provided for Chaning so that she could live and stay healthy while awaiting her USA family is something that we are forever gratetful for. We are so thankful for the time you allowed us to spend with you. Chaning had the best time showing us all her possessions that you sent. She is such a proud little girl and we are even prouder to be her parents.


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