Friday, June 30, 2006

Today is Carson's 1st Birthday. His Grandma Susan brought him a cupcake to dive into tonight as he will have to wait for his smash cake tomorrow at his party. Yes, he is crawling on the driveway with his hairbrush in hand. He took a longer bath tonight and we used a little more soap.

Found out that our TA for Julia is in the mail room as of this past Wednesday. We should receive our TA in B'ham early next week. At least we know it is in the mail!!!! Now, we will just hope that our coordinator in China gets us the TA date of 07/31/06 that they said they could. It won't be long. This time next month Carson will have an older sister.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Still no definitive news on our TA. We were told today that it should be here this week or next and that they still feel comfortable that we will be leaving on the 20th of July. The wait is absolutely exhausting. I will just start looking at it as this time next month, I will have my little Julia. We will celebrate Carson's birthday at nursery Friday and then have a party with family and friends on Saturday. I cannot believe he is already a year old.
I am posting another picture of Julia that Lori kindly took for me. (Julia is in the red outfit) I am so thankful for the foster family. They are so special to take care of her until she is placed in our hands. I will forever be indebted to them. I also pray for the mother and father that had to give her up and the peace for them to know that we love her and will take good care of her.

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