Saturday, April 14, 2007 HAPPY EASTER! HE'S ALIVE!!!!!!

Julia loved her lamb that Ms. Dawn gave her at church. We are always excited to see her showing interest in stuffed animals or at times "dolls". At times, I'm afraid she is going to be a huge tomboy with all these brothers. Please have some girly-girl traits for Mommy.

Julia is dropping the eggs as quick as she puts them in her basket and moves on to the next one. I saw that this egg hunt could take a while but she quickly decided to just go take Carson's bigger basket with his eggs... problem solved.

Yes, this is Granddaddy's bike that he used on Jekyll Island when we were youngsters. Carson fit nicely in the basket. This is where our children are put for time-out sessions.

Carson decided he liked the egg hunting thing but found that he covered more ground if Daddy carried the basket and Dakota sniffed the eggs out for him...cheating??

Why is it that whenever you finally get a good shot of the family looking straight ahead and no one has their eyes shut that you, yourself, look horrible. Could it be because I was left with 5 minutes to pick out what to where to church, fix hair and apply make-up?

Let's discuss the reason I was left with 5 minutes to get ready. Yes, I cooked a pan of cinammon rolls, orange rolls, biscuits, sausage and fresh fruit. Do you see what Carson chose? A ring pop. Okay, it's Easter.

Could it have been that they didn't want my breakfast because the Easter Bunny placed 10,000 grams of sugar at each of their seats?

Now, if you look real close, Julia is trying to make Mommy happy by acting like she is eating some fruit. I really think Meshu, the dog, was being fed under the table.
We received a very special treat this Easter. My brother Brian, his wife Jen and my niece Megan came to visit. We decided to have a cook-out and bonfire the night before Easter.

Matthew and Chase were put in charge of creating our bonfire and they did a wonderful job. Stewart was the first to try out the smores.
Now, Megan (on the right) is what a girl would have looked like if I would have had one. Carson (on the left) is what a boy would have looked like had my brother had one. There is only two months difference in age ... Carson being older.

Grandma Carol providing the after dinner entertainment.

This picture was taken of Carson before he determined it was easier to recruit the dog and his Daddy on the Easter egg hunt.

Julia decided that she wanted to take a break and have Olivia help her check out what was in the plastic items she was busy collecting.

I think Megan had a little inside information on where the eggs were placed.

I hope Megan's Daddy bought her a stroller when they returned home.

This is how Carson welcomes his cousin into the house.

I hope this kiss didn't scar Megan for life.

See, what did I tell you.. It helps when your mom has hid the eggs.

Has anyone seen my glasses?


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