Friday, November 17, 2006

Roll Tide Roll! Go Bama!

Can you believe I got all of them to sit still for a three-minute photo session before running out the door to meet the bus and run the kids to day-care. Do ya see something different about Matthew? He got braces yesterday. OUCH!

We had good evening spent with members of the PandaPal group here in Montgomery. Great group of women. We enjoyed spending some time with them and hope to see them again soon. It was great to meet Abigail and Julianna. I think the boys enjoyed playing with them.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What? A party for me at Mommy's office. Yes,
I believe my calendar is open.

Okay, Carson, you have been caught purple handed
stealing Julia's gift. Yes, it's a purse.

I left C's red eye in here to match his beautiful red hair.
He is going to master this tinkerbell party favor if it takes
him all day.

Okay, Abbi, you check out the gifts while I finish
my sucker.

How does this party thing work again?

Julia sitting down to take a better view of her gifts.

Could you do my party favor for me, Miss Sandra?
Thank you, Miss Sandra, for organizing Julia's baby shower/birthday party!

Ha, I still got enough charm for the women to sit beside me.

Miss Alex came to my party with baby Celine (David).
Thank you for making my party favors.

Wee, I brought this gift for Julia's birthday but don't we get
to take it back home. The bus was way too cool, C; thank you!

I just want one more piece of sugar.

It's only my tenth sucker, Mom.

This shopping cart is a way too cool gift, Thanks 2nd Floor - Leasing!

Look, Abbi, I can run.

Hey, how many dum-dums can you fit in those pants, C?

My office decided before I returned with Julia to not have a baby shower before I went to China but to wait until she could attend and have an early birthday party for her. They did an awesome job of organizing it and making it a huge success. I was not sure how Julia would react to the crowd but she did really well. I think it helped having other children there as well. She was a little reluctant at first but warmed up very quickly and by the end of the party was not ready to leave. THANK YOU to all of the Leasing Division for participating in this very thoughtful event for Julia.

Julia's actual birthday is only a week and a half away. Yes, her mother left a note giving us her true birthday...Thank you. Two years old. Wow, I cannot believe we missed her first 20 months. Sometimes it is sad to think of all the "firsts" that we missed but then I see all of the westernized things that are a first for her. I actually witnessed her first English word, her first toothbrush experience, toilet, bathtub, using utensils, sippy cup, etc. I am so thankful and can only get excited to know that it won't be too long until she and I can actually have a conversation together. This little girl is a true blessing for our family and every birthday will be just as special to us as the one before.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


This is how I get prepared to smile.

See, I can smile.

Don't forget about my permanent smile.

Julia got a little excited at the Civil War re-enactment.

This cool dude let Chase hold his musket.

Julia's not too sure about this chick's choice of clothing.

This horse is slightly large - Civil War re-enactment.
(Chase, the camera is this way)

The North is ready to fire again.

Please get this oversized rabbit away from me.

Now, stay away from my sippy cup!

First nippy day- Autumn is here.

Yeah, I'm free to run in the leaves.

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