Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

While trying to make sure my pics weren't facing the
sun this year, I ended up putting the family facing the sun.
Note to self for next year.

The things Matthew does to entertain
the kids.

This is a scary picture. Tim's dad
driving Chase around town.

Tim and I being silly.

Cindy and I being sillier ( is that a word?).

Look, our traditional (five years running) Easter
picture at the exact same spot. Now, I just need
to find the other four pictures to compare them to.

There is a reason Aunt Cindy is helping Carson.
Carson, make sure to give Aunt Cindy all the
caramel milky ways.

Carson and Julia had no trouble hunting eggs
this year.

Matthew and Stewart decided they'd rather
fish than hunt eggs.

Julia is getting ready for her piano lessons with
Ms. Kristy. The child has rythym.

Olivia helps Julia, as usual, hunt her eggs.

This is what the Easter Bunny brought Chase.
I have been dodging flying Nerf bullets for the
past couple of days.

Poppy, Carson and Julia at the church
Easter egg hunt Saturday. Can you tell it
was past naptime?

Well, maybe this picture is a better
representation of what time it was.

were from last year or the year before. See, I buy
the stuff wiht good intentions but never actually
follow through.

Julia would place her egg in the cups and then stir
and stir and stir her "Soup".

Carson's turn to entertain Matthew.

Julia and Mommy at the church Easter egg hunt.

Julia had to open each egg as she found them. Good thing it was just her and Carson hunting this year so she didn't have to be in a hurry.

This Easter was very relaxing but joyous. We lost Tim's Aunt Thursday night and she was buried yesterday but she went quickly and we know that she spent Easter in Heaven rejoicing with Jesus and her family that went before. Could you think of a better place to spend Easter?

On a worldly note, we spent ours with Aunt Cindy and Uncle Tony and had a great time. The food was yummm and watching Carson and Julia hunt eggs so intensely was fun. Again, I took a few too many pictures and too many favorites to choose from. Julia continues to blossom when placed in crowds or strange situations. I am always very watchful but so pleased to see her comfort zone open up a little.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Tons of Fun in the Sun!

The best pic of our photo session.

Check out the swinging arm on Julia.

Love the smile!

Do ya think it was a little windy?

Still smiling.

Carson picking up shells.

Julia playing catch with her Daddy.

Trying to catch a little bro/sister love (Olivia and Stewart).

Cindy, Me and Olivia. I love not fixing my hair for a week.

Julia loved fishing. Another smile!

Carson says it's his turn to boogie board.

Who do you think will fall first? Stewart, Chase, Olivia & Matthew.

A little brotherly love. Poor Chase.

Oh, the double red flags are out?

Matthew, Olivia & Chase

Olivia, Aunt Cindy & Stewart joined us at the beach.

Carson was so proud to show his Daddy what his brothers
conned him into wearing for a piece of candy.
Carson, me and Julia. Wait, is my hair fixed. It was the last day.
Chase on the beach with his Army men. Who would have thunk it?

Okay, there is a little story with this pic. We drove down
to the beach at around 9:30 to see how cold and windy it
really was. Well, the sun wasn't out and we last about five
minutes on the beach before deciding to head towards the fishing
pier. Olivia decided to do a little beach dance for us and behold
the sun comes out and the remainder of the day was absolutely
beautiful. We are nominating her the beach dance weather chic for all
returning vacations.
Nothing better than a few french fries while having rolls
thrown at your Daddy. We enjoyed Lambert's.

A kiss on my Daddy's cheek, priceless.
I'm ready for the beach, Mommy.

Okay, what do I do with this white, gritty stuff?

Poppy stayed with us the first couple of days. Julia was
happy to have Poppy's lap when the mornings were cool.

Mommy, Julia & Cha Cha at Lamberts.

Julia and Mommy, our first day on the beach.

Tim taking his shift at Lifeguard.

Check out the porch on the house we stayed at. This
was absolutely wonderful because the kids could play
out there on the bikes and run around as much as they

We were reminded of the child labor laws before this pic
was taken. Julia insisted on pulling her brother around the
Wharf while we shopped. He thought he was King for the

Julia at Build a Bear. She is making her wish on
the heart that is being applied to Cha Cha.
We took at well needed trip to the beach for seven days and had a blast. We only had two down days but a little shopping at the outlet mall in Foley took care of that. Julia is good for about 2 to 3 hours of shopping and then she gets a little cranky for food. My mom joined us for the first few days and then Aunt Cindy, Olivia and Stewart joined us for the next few days. I averaged about 150 pics each day. I love digital. The beach was a very hazy for the first part of the week so it was hard to get really good pictures. Our kids did make the local news with Tim getting the spotlight. You can view that by clicking on the ABC3 link below. It takes a minute to load. You can see Tim starting to laugh when they ask him a question regarding the kids swimming while a double red flag is out. He starts laughing as he realizes what the double red flag means.. no swimming.
I will post Easter tomorrow. This post took a couple of days to load due to the ridiculous amount of pics I loaded. Sorry, there were too many to choose from.


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