Monday, April 05, 2010

Two Day Labor of Love
There were those that donated items.....

There were those that shopped

and shopped....

And then there were those that worked.....

and sorted and kept kids...

and worked tirelessly......

slept outside or attempted to sleep, sunburned day 1,
hauled items and still came back day 2

Insert here : Picture of my Mother who watched kids, sorted and helped run around collecting items....

and just when your body feels like it can't go anymore. You wake up Easter morning and this is what you receive via email....

and this one just melted my heart... What two-day, exhausting, nerve rattling at times yard sale did we just do?

My baby girl is one day closer to coming home. We decided we would start our yard sale fundraiser on Good Friday versus just Santuck Saturday. Boy, did we strike gold. We couldn't even get the trailers unloaded before people started to swarm around us. We literally just had to put items out all day and have people shop out of unpacked boxes. It was so awesome. All I have to say is every person who donated, no matter how little or how big of an item, it all added up in a HUGE way. By the end of day one, we were sunburned, walking zombies and just prayed for the energy to get up at 5 a.m. the next morning and do it again. The guys spent the night in a tent at the yard sale site. Between the frogs croaking, semi trucks swishing by and a couple of heavy snoring, I'm not sure if it was legal for them to drive the following morning but they all hung in there. We raised a total of $3,200 at the end of day 2. All I could say is WOW! One person's junk is surely another's treasure add a little sprinkle of God's blessing poured on top of that and it was beyond expectations.
DISCLAIMER: There are so many that are not pictured that helped out with donating items and helping us that I would be here all night listing them. A huge hug to each of you.


Our annual corner of the house portrait. Chaning will fit nicely in front of her oldest brother next Easter.

Poppy and Julia
He always was a sucker for the "Golden Egg"

Julia found the hardest hidden egg of the day

Olivia, Carson and Julia

Daddy & Mommy

I think she went through everyone's basket before they woke up

Carson missed the hair brushing session Easter morning




My babies are growing up too fast.


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