Saturday, August 26, 2006

It's football season again. Chase and Matt ready for their first game of the season.

This was the best I could do getting everyone to look forward at the same time. Chase is making a real funny face.

This is in the middle of our picture session of trying to get everyone to look straight ahead. Chase definitely wears his feelings on his face... can we get this over with??
NOTE: Notice that Carson is wearing Julia's squeaky shoes. Yesterday, he had on her hairband. Tim says this has to stop.

Okay, one of them smiled for the camera before they got up and refused to sit down again.

I'm a little bama cheerleader.

This is their favorite pasttime..climb under the fooseball table in the gameroom and sit on top of the miniature trampoline to hide from Mommy. Carson exposed their hiding place with a giggle and a peek out from under the table.

Okay, Kristy, you did not need to come over to see why I haven't blogged in a while unless you would just like to come serve as a mediator to the "twins". :) It has been a little crazy around this household and my camera never seems to be readily available when I need it. Julia has had a lot of firsts since I blogged last. She had her first haircut given by Aunt Cindy and did very well. She loved sitting in front of the mirror and seeing herself. We have gone for several pre-placement daycare visits to get her adapted for when I go back to work. She seems to be doing very well on each visit. I haven't actually left the room on a visit but will try that this week.

Carson and Julia are starting to interact a little more with each other each day. They are definitely arch rivals more than loving brother and sister at this point. She is so sweet to him but he excepts her kindness by responding with either a good hair pull or a swift push in the rear. I can see that the next couple of years will be eventful for us with never a dull moment. Julia has had a really good week this past week and has not had anymore crying episodes. I know it is good for her to "grieve" and that you always want your child to do so but it is one of the hardest things to watch them do. She cries, you cry and then cry some more. We have only had one lengthy "holding" session with her crying and have not had another.

We have had Julia one month this past week and it seems like she has been with our family forever. She is starting to hug back instead of letting her arms hang on your side as you hug her.
I cannot tell you how grateful we feel for being so blessed to have her. Many always ask how she is adjusting and she is doing remarkably well. It is Tim and I that are having to adjust to two kids in diapers and equally distribute our time and hugs between the two. We always have to tack on about 20 extra minutes in the grocery stores due to the people that stop and ask if they are twins??? I think I will answer as my mom told me to do, Yes, they are identical twins.:) I know that they really don't think that and that is probably their preface statement to get me to explain. I had one employee come up and say aren't you the one that had a baby and then adopted one. Yes, and who are you? is what I wanted to say. People are only asking out of couriosity and kindness and you never want to dismiss them because you never know; a couple have really been interested in adopting themselves and that is awesome.

I will try to blog more than twice a month from now on. We go to the Cleft Clinic in B'ham next week and hope to get some good news. Julia now loves brushing her teeth, taking a bath, Mexican food and helping mommy put on her make-up in the mornings. Even through all our exhaustion right now, the happiness you receive from adopting is awesome. We are so more fortunate for having her than her having us. I can't help but look ahead and smile thinking about all the girl stuff that we can get into. Don't worry, I love,love,love my boys but once in a while it will be nice to have an actual girl's day out that does not include fishing, hunting, paint ball wars or four-wheeler riding.

Lastly, I would like to continue to thank those of you that are lifting up Julia in your prayers for a continued smooth transition of her bond from her foster parents to Tim and I. God is listening. Two nights in a row without her waking up crying for us. YEAH!

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