Sunday, December 02, 2007

Happy 3rd Birthday, Julia! We love you!!!!!

Can you believe Julia picked a "Barbie" cake?
We may not be raising a tomboy after all.

This is the cutiest outfit that a fellow blogger is making to raise money for her second adoption from China, Gracie. She has many more fabrics and does an outstanding job.

Julia was very fond of her new Barbie make-up
and I believe Carson was as well.

It's not a birthday unless you have Dora at the party.

What could be in this box? Julia has caught on real
quick as to what happens at birthday parties....presents.
She received a furr-real cat in the box she is holding. Too cute.

Instead of wearing birthday hats, Julia had all of us
wear sunglasses. Way too cool.

Carson was still trying to get his on. Matthew had strep
so he wasn't allowed to get close enough to anyone to
be in the pic. So sorry.

Had to show off Tim's new apron for frying
his turkey. It was too funny.

This Thanksgiving our extracurricular activity
was making gingerbread houses for each family.

Chase's field trip to Ft. Toulouse. Now, if you look real
close you will see Tim in the Maroon shirt with black shades.
He was picked to do the Quail dance. Video follows.

Chase's first deer, a doe, a female deer. Sorry
for the graphics. I'm not that good with photo shop.

This was our group that we chaperoned
at the field trip. It was cold and this poor
Indian had very little to nothing on under that

Again, Tim is wearing the burgandy shirt with the black
shades and his partner is wearing a red cape.

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