Monday, May 12, 2008

Where have we been for a month?

I believe our finger painting session got a little out of hand.

First, we have our little lady lion.

Next, we have our very scary TIGER!

These two are on the prowl. Julia's set of wheels had to go in the shop for some battery juice so she caught a ride with Carson.

This is the boy's toy. Someone gave this to Tim. We added one part and whala... We have only had two mishaps so far.

Carson is trying to convince Julia that it is in fact his set of wheels.

This is where I spent two of the last four weeks. Tim made the mistake of saying there was nothing I could do with this yucky sweetgum tree..too many roots he said.
Don't tell me that I cannot do something. I even got grass to grow around the darn thing.:)
Of course, there are two other areas of the yard he has decided I cannot fix up as well. Do you think that sounds like a little reverse psychology?

One night was spent catching up after 20 years. Thanks to the reunion committee for coordinating this event. It was also a great excuse to buy a new outfit.

Took me a while to find my picture. It shouldn't be that hard to find the "big hair".

It's hard to believe summer is almost here. It just seems like winter ended. We have had such a good year so far. I have started teaching an indoor group cycling class two days a week at the Y. Got to find some place to get in my adult conversation. You would think I would have found something a little less intimidating. I always like a challenge.
The boys only have less than two weeks left in school and then the fun begins. We have got a busy summer planned with a couple of trips to the beach, summer camps, VBS, swimming lessons for the babies, etc. It will be nice to have everyone home. Julia and Carson got in the pool yesterday with their floaties. Last year, Julia would not even remotely consider the floaties but loved the pool. I hope they will be swimming enough to where I can got out to the pool by myself with the two of them this summer.
Julia will have been home with us two years this August. Can you believe it? It's like we have had her since her birth. I am slowly, but surely, learning how to handle the female species. Some days I do walk away wishing I would have obtained a behavorial therapist degree just to know how to handle situations or whether something is "normal" for her age and situation. We had our last speech session Friday until school starts back. Julia seems to be doing well with the exception of "f" and "ch" words. I am told it is part of a lateral lisp that she is now displaying. Her "s" words are great so that is encouraging. She has this squeeky voice that she uses when trying to explain things to Carson and it is hilarious. I have put both of them on a list for a mother's day out program in the fall. I can't imagine not having them both with me during the day but I want to make sure she is socially prepared for school.
I hope to blog twice this month. We'll see, Leah

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