Monday, October 04, 2010

I'm Getting Ooooolllllddddd!

Tomorrow my first born will be 16 years old. An oil portrait of him just days old adorns our hallway to remind me daily that he was little, at one time. We are so proud of him. He has turned out to be a very respectable, handsome and sweet young man. If you happen to see him acting otherwise, you can reach me at 555-5555.

Okay, so we gave in an had peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast. The girls like what they like. She did go back to BooBerry cereal this morning. We do have enough chairs for everyone to sit during breakfast. Chase chose to sit with his sister, awe.

Everyone had to have their picture taken with their fall clothes on the first time this year. It finally decided to get a little breezy here. We went from bathing suits to footed pj's overnight.

You cannot see her two front teeth in this picture because - well - they are no longer in existance. Chaning tripped over a rug at Poppy's house and ended up with her tooth laying on her tongue, root and all. This girl is determined to meet the tooth fairy prematurely.

Cannot have a fall photo shoot without Carson......

and Julia.

Matthew & Poppy at the High School Beta Club induction.

30 minutes on YouTube to see how he should tie his tie and this is the result????

Logan decided he would help a brother out.

Another tear, Chase turned 13 last week. Although his baby picture does not adorn our hallway, his baby hospital bracelet was found today. We are proud of him as well. A quiet one he is. Does not like small talk like his momma but does like his sports and keeps his grades up.
This is my version of a $30 Cookie Cake. My version costs about $10.

This is what happens when the trio has a daddy day at Lowe's.

Mommy got to take a well-needed two days away. Hmm, where could I have gone?
This week we have dentist, cleft clinic and Matthew's 16th birthday. Next week we will travel to Ohio for Chaning's assessment. She is doing really well and is now attending school and all church classes on her own. She just blends right in and always seems happy. Sometimes, I catch myself just staring and her and Julia and smiling. Not only does their beauty still stun me but just knowing that God has entrusted Tim and I with these little blessings just warms my heart. The love that my bio kids have for them is no different than if I had carried them for nine months myself. I just pray that characteristic is something they will pass on during their lifetime to others, being kind to others and making them feel included.


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