Thursday, February 04, 2010

Yes, after the hurry up, rush and go-go-go of the first stage of an international adoption, we get to rejoice that we are logged in with China and will now wait until we receive our LOA (Letter of Acceptance). These usually arrive 3 months later but I am told they are coming a little sooner right now. I'm sure the Chinese New Year will slow it down a bit but our goal was to be logged in during the month of January and boy did we just meet that. Praise God!
This is the where I start to get a little excited about meeting our new daughter. Okay, a lot excited about meeting Chaning. No, we haven't received any updated pictures but that's okay. I have to pray that she did get our care package that was sent in November and that the foster family is beginning to talk to her about the transition as well as showing her our pictures.
Fundraising is in full swing right now so there is really no time to relax. We have been very thankful to the family and friends that have surrounded us with their support this second time around. Still waiting for the day to be able to endulge in some c-h-o-c-o-l-a-t-e (pictures come on) but will be even more content when Chaning is home with us.

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