Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Chase escorting T at Homecoming

Matthew escorting S at Homecoming

Julia sneaking in the nursery to ride Carson's motorcycle

Julia checking out the fountain

I finally found my pumpkin!

Which one do I want?

Okay, brothers, I'm here to watch you play ball.

Julia had to try out her new bunny bench with Meshu by her side.

Chase and Julia showing off her new little bunny she was given

I think we can climb the ramp..I think we can..

We are almost there (Julia is laughing, not crying)...

And we all fall down!

Can I read to you, brother?

The end!

Carson is always so excited to see a camera.

It's been a long time since I have updated but for good reason. It's absolutely crazy around our house. The kids have been a huge handful to keep up with. When we do finally get a few minutes to ourselves at night, blogging is the last thing I think about.

We have done so much since I last blogged. Let's see... Julia has done so well since having tubes placed in her ears. Carson had them put in right after her and it made a tremendous difference with him thus resulting in happier children. Tim got put in the hospital for his first kidney stone and Chase got tonsilitis. Lastly, Julia had a two-hour surgical procedure done to check for permanent hearing damage. She does not have any! Thank God. We have actually gone four straight days without a co-pay to either a hospital or doctor. Oh, but not to worry, Matthew is having braces put on next week. :) Kids, you gotta love them.

Julia is doing great at school and has adapted so well to the routine each day. She loves spending a lot of time with Tim during the week but is mine once I walk in the door after work. She is definitely a mommy's girl for now. Carson is still trying to push her around a little but she is learning how to handle him. Chase and Matthew absolutely adore her and help out so much. We could not imagine life without Julia and cannot wait for her to be able to better communicate with us.

We look forward to seeing some of you guys that we traveled with again some day and meeting some of the other local families that have been blessed by adoption.

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