Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Final Fundraiser for Chaning!!!!!
Let me just preface this post by telling you GOD is GOOD! It blew us away when we walked by faith to adopt Julia and every time we needed to distribute funds, they were there. We only had to raise under half of the proceeds needed when adopting Julia.
This time around, we knew we would have to raise just about all the funds to adopt Chaning and again, every time we have needed to disburse funds, they have been there. We started out needing almost $27k and now we are down to needing around $3,500. Yes, you did not misread what I typed. How did this happen? All I can say is this is a lot bigger than we can wrap our minds around.
Let me just say, I am/was a very prideful person who does NOT like to ask for anything. I'm the person who cannot say no and loves to help anyone in need but doesn't like to ask for help in return. I have to be in control of everything around me or else I wig out and feel lost. BUT what I learned through Julia's adoption is that people are very kind and do truely care and want to give from the heart and that IT IS NOT ABOUT ME...AT ALL!!
What I have learned through Chaning's adoption is that if you are obedient to what God is calling you to do, He will provide the means. He just wants us to trust in him and share our faith with others. The amount of people that have come forward to help in some (any) way with this adoption is unbelievable.
We are now starting our 4th and final fundraiser. No, we have not received our LOA so far and we are getting a little restless in regards to that but we know His timing will be perfect and this will be a distant memory. We have had a wonderful friend that is allowing us to do a giveaway of a wonderful 3 days/2 nights package to Callaway Gardens located in Pine Mountain, GA. It sleeps 8 people and you can book upon availability. This allows you access to the Cecil B. Day Butterfly Room and the Gardens. It is a wonderful place for bike riding and making family memories. This is valued at over $500.
Tickets are 1/$10 or 3/$25.
I am not doing a chip in button at this time but you can contact me at pfdchin@yahoo.com and I will get your tickets to you. The drawing will take place on Saturday, May 15th. Video will be posted on blog showing winner. Tickets will no longer be sold after Friday, May 14th.
You can read about Callaway Gardens: http://www.callawaygardens.com/
Again, we would like to thank those of you that have poured your heart into helping us and also praying us through this journey. Oh, and "Why China?" Because that is where God placed our second daughter.

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