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Christmas Day at the Thomas Household - Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Yes, I am blogging on Christmas Day. I thought this would be a good gift for extended family who could not be with us for the holidays. We miss all of you and wish you could have been with us. I hope you enjoy the photos of everyone and that it makes you feel like you were here with us. We love you, The Thomas Family.

This is not the picture we put on our cards. Everyone was perfect but ...well, I won't mention any names.
Carson is trying to show Julia how to use a baseball bat. Well, he did try to knock her out with it.
Check out my ladybug boots. Are they not the coolest thing?
Okay, I'll take a boy baby doll with stroller. Daddy's at work so I can get away with this.
Grandma Susan (Poppy) and Chase. Wait, was he not wearing that outfit last night? He slept in it.
Could I have a little more cream for my tea, please?
Yes, he got up at 4:00 a.m. and convinced his dad to go ahead and open wrapped gifts with Mommy still sleeping. :(
Yes, Tim did get to spend an hour with us before heading off to work.
We are too cool. Thanks Uncle Brian, Aunt Jen and Cousin Megan.
Where's China on this globe?
Matthew's Santa.
Chase on his hot rod ready to ride.
Chase's Santa.
Carson headed for the car...
After he visited Julia's kitchen first.
Carson's Santa
Okay, I think I like presents.
Julia's Santa
I think I will just plop on Mommy's lap until someone explains why Santa threw up in our game room. Where did all this stuff come from?
Christmas Eve dinner @ Aunt Cindy and Uncle Tony's.

Carson's favorite gift was the box wth a bow.
Chase had to immediately put on his army outfit from Grandpa Jim and Grandma Carol. Stewart was his sidekick.
Aunt Cindy and Olivia with her new hairdo.
Carson is playing a little peek-a-boo.
Okay, so he has a way to get everyone to come down to his level.

Christmas Eve lunch @ Meme & Granddaddy's

The shredded paper quickly became a mess with a small paper fight.

Grandma Susan used Carson as a human shield to end the paper fight. That was just wrong.
Chase is at the very beginning of opening his one hour gift. There was a hole in the top of the box with a clothesline enclosed. He had to keep pulling and every time he came to a clothespin with an envelope, he had to stop and open it. It might have contained fake money combined with real or just fake or just real. The package included shredded paper along the way. Thank you, Grandma Susan (Poppy).

Carson really enjoyed this present.

He dressed himself for church.

Poppy has to read a book to not just one but both.

Carson decided to wrap himself up as a present for Granddaddy.

This is the tree located in the lobby at Meme's new place.
Yes, Carson is being detained.

Meme made us an awesome lunch after church and had her place decorated so nicely.

Oh, how I love Meme's stool.

You look prettiful, sissy.

Meme gets her sugar as well.

Merry Christmas to all and we wish you a Happy New Year!

These are pictures of Christmas Eve Eve @ Terry and Gary's house. We enjoyed spending time with everyone.

Julia and her CD player.

Grandma Susan @ Terry & Gary's.

Carson made friends with Karah.

Look at those big precious blue eyes on baby Emily.
Proud Meme #2(Terry) and Aunt Laurie are making
sure she is spoiled.

Boy has the baby boom hit with our family.

Uncle Gary finally gets Julia to acknowledge him.

Meme and Granddaddy are contemplating who will
open which gift.

Carson does not understand why he cannot throw the "balls".

Meme trying to keep up with Carson.

The kid's Christmas tree in the game room.
Below: Adult Christmas tree in living room.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Julia's Baby Dedication Sunday.

She's ready for the final layer of clothing.

Julia's dedication was done by Bro. Andrew Smith. Thank you!

Julia was dedicated with Lily and Jonah (Yes, they are twins).

Julia loved her poncho!

Okay, I'm going to pose for you.

Mommy, why do I have bunny ears on my head?

This was a great day for us and for Julia. Thank you to those who came to participate. This was extra special to us because this time last year we started the process to adopt a little girl from China. Just knowing that Julia has a chance to know the Lord shows us how much we take for granted. We are almost positive that she would not have been given this opportunity in China.

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