Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Week @ the Beach...Tons of Pics

Julia at the Waterpark
We stayed in a house next to the bike trails. Check out the tots trailer.
Julia posing at the Waterpark.

Noonie and Chase winning another round of go-cart racing.
Free arcade games at least until they get to be about 6 or 7.
Chase working on his sandcastle.

Noonie and Chase survived another go-kart race.

It's okay, Carson. The jellyfish are gone, said Julia.

Noonie and Julia getting some shade on the beach.
Poppy and Julia playing in the water.

Ms. Priss posing during picture night.
She has turned into a daddy's girl here recently.

Matthew and Julia

Matt, Carson & Evan
Chase and Julia

Chase, Evan and Matt

Mommy and Julia

The Gang!

The Boy Crew!

We Got Stung!

We survived the waters.

Mommy & Julia at the Naval Museum
Can we get this picture taking over with?

Julia flying like a Blue Angel
Chase goofying around at the museum restaurant
The Boy Crew wanting to fly away.
It took a while to get around to posting our vaca pics but I'm finally there. We had VBS (that will be another post) two days after we returned from the beach. Talk about hitting the ground running this summer. We are finally slowing down a little. We had a blast at the beach. Noonie and Poppy came with us for a few days and they were awesome. Julia and Carson were treated like a little king and queen. The kids rode bikes every day, played baseball in the backyard and goofed off. Why does it seem like you have to come back home and recover from a vacation??
Julia did great. She was the only one who did not get stung by a jellyfish. You will not see her sporting the required, "I got Stung", shirt like all the guys. Carson did not get stung by just any little jellyfish; he decided to go up against a Man of War. He didn't win. We ended up at the Firestation looking for medical attention for him. He seemed to have had a little reaction to the stings that made mommy and daddy a little bit nervous to say the least. He ended up fine but would not approach the water again for the remainder of the week. Tim stood at the edge of the ocean and threw water at them instead of them going into the water. They seemed to think that was too cool.


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