Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dr. Grant's UAB Cleft Patient Day @ the Zoo
Julia lovvved the Giraffes and Emu
Chase trying to make Julia get wet.
Carson had a blast with the water holes.

Chase checked out the new foam machine.
Julia smiling it up for the camera.
Nothing like Daddy's shoulders at the end of the day.

Julia, Do you think he's hungry?
Poppy joined us for the eventful day.
Matthew and Chase discussing how exactly the holes were created in the top of the crate.

We were pleasantly surprised to run into Kimmie and Quan. We also got to meet Deette's Sadie and Ms. Hannah....absolute dolls.
Taking a break at the Kanga Exhibit

Well, it doesn't appear that he's hungry, Julia.
Chase still trying to get Julia wet.

Chase and his camel ride by HIMSELF!
Okay, why did I have to ride this camel? Well, while Matthew was standing in line with Carson to ride, he mentioned to Carson that the camel could fall and break a leg. Well, someone had to use Carson's ticket when he took off running.
We got to pet a real crocodile/alligator.. never have learned the difference.
Thank you to UAB and the Cleft Clinic team. We really had a great day. The food was great and the kids loved the prize bags. See you in November for Julia's surgery.

Fabulous 4th of July

Tim taking a well deserved catnap after staying up most of the night to smoke our BBQ..yum Stewart looking for the sharks in the pool to spear.

Daddy had face painting duty.
Who's patriotic?
Its Carson.

Like my swim gear?

After hour project..we picked watermelons out of the patch to sell the day after. Olivia and Tim are having a sign making contest.
$3.00 + $4.00??? I think he needs and ampersand.

Yes, I enjoyed Carson's cupcake.
Julia and Carson entertaining themselves.
Chase and Julia

We had a very relaxed 4th this year and it was awesome. We only caused one brush fire with our fireworks show and scared Carson from watching fireworks for life. One of our fireworks fell over and started shooting straight at all of us onlookers. Let's just say we ran pretty fast while dodging incoming bright white missles. Awesome job, Aunt Cindy, of brooming the fire out. We'll save your broom for next years' show.

Carson's 3rd Bday!

Carson got his Clifford party he wanted.

Carson thought G's icing was much more tasty than his.

I think Carson loved his Bear.

Carson and Kaleigh. I think Carson is thanking her for the bag full of loot she brought him.
60th Wedding Anniversary.....WOW!!!!
(Diamonds are a girls best friend)

Meme and Granddaddy toasting to 60 great years together.

Remembering how to cut the cake together. No mess was made.

This is the hat Meme wore on her wedding day!

Plenty of food to be consumed.
One white type of flower for each decade spent together.

You do not see this event every day. Wow, who would have thought that a graduate from Auburn and a graduate from Alabama could remain in the same household for 60 years together. My grandparents are absolutely adorable, educational and just two interesting people to be around. They have lived life to its fullest and are still going strong. I wish them another ten years together full of happiness.


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