Sunday, July 02, 2006

Yesterday was Carson's Birthday Party and 4th of July Annual Thomas celebration combined. We had a blast with plenty of good food and fellowship. The boy's entertained Ben with a paintball war! We had one new addition this year, my cousin's first child, little old and growing. We hoped to have Julia with us for this celebration but it won't be long before she'll be joining us for many celebrations to come.
We hope to get our TA for Julia tomorrow and book our flights by Friday!!!!
1. Grandpa Jim discussing the power outage situation with Beth and Ricky Roberts
2. Cousin Ben and Emily
3. Ashley and Aunt Cindy
4. Carson's Toy- He's so proud!
5. Aunt Kasey, Keith Carter and Tim, Tony and Jerry's Masterful Shrimpboil
6. Carson's Pirate Cake
7. Matthew decided Carson was taking to long with his smash cake
8. Stewart demonstrating how to hold a firework
9. Grandma Susan helping Carson survive his party..his hair got a little wild

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