Monday, October 06, 2008

Happy 14th, Matthew!

Matthew blowing out the candles on his chocolate, chocolate, very chocolate cake
Matthew took a couple of friends to the Ntl Fair. They got to see Trace Adkins in concert.

C and Olivia trying to pose for a pic.
I think this group had a great time spending the day together. I cannot believe my little boy is going to be driving next year- scary!

It's Official!
Chase is now officially 11 yrs old. Carson thought he'd be a good little brother and help blow out his candle.
Yes, Julia actually dressed up in a princess outfit to attend a friends bday party. Carson went as a Chinese dragonslayer..way too cool. I ended up borrowing an outfit from a friend at the last minute for Julia. She has not welcomed dress up in the past but did great at the party. Happy day, Kaleigh!
Halloween town made it the the table. Julia and Carson have had the best time decorating this year. Carson says, I wuv Hatoween.
Hippy Carson playing around with some of the costumes I had saved up.


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