Tuesday, October 23, 2007

We're Back!

Julia adjusting to her Halloween costume before the big reveal.
See how straight my new eyes are!

I think she might actually like it. Thank goodness.

Now, Carson is ready to be tickled!

Julia carried this open umbrella around the house all afternoon and then to the football practice that night. It finally rained before we left practice. Hum, a little inside info from the weather man that we aren't receiving?

A Thomas custom to escort a cheerleader each year. Of course, the one Matthew escorted won Queen. Yeah, J.C.

Chase doing a little posing for his fundraiser packaging. He was nominated homecoming king for the 4th grade so I had to do a little baking to raise money.

This is a customary requirement that Chase hugs his brother and sister at least twice a day.

I think she is ready to put the pig in the ground!

Lily, myself and Julia at the China reunion in August. Lily was our guide and contact during the entire adoption process and trip to get Julia. She is awesome.

One year adoption celebration for Julia. Her daddy bought her the shades and cell phone.

Olivia dressed for the ocassion.

Carson post tonsilectomy. What a trooper!

Just call Chase "Diaper Man"!
Alot has happened over the past five months of not blogging. I am now a stay-at-home mom and love it. It took about three months to become adjusted and boy was that a rough three months. It's funny how you have less time when you stay home versus working. We have celebrated Julia's one year anniversary, installed another set of ear tubes, removed Carson's tonsils and adnoids, practiced football and football and football and had a surgery to straighten Julia's eyes.
Julia is doing great. We have seen a tremendous difference in Julia since her eyes have been fixed?? She now sleeps all night, takes longer naps and is a lot more calmer in crowds. It's amazing how your eyes can control that much. She is such a joy. Julia and Carson have grown so close that I do not think you could separate them if you tried. They still compete a good bit but they watch out for each other constantly. It is so sweet.
We are still taking speech and just had her tested to qualify for transferring to the county to continue speech once she turns three next month. Although her cleft was confined to the lip only, she has had some delay in the range of motion of her mouth/tongue. She seems to always compensate for any obstacles she mights have. She tested out as a 3 1/2 year old but may still qualify merely on articulation, I hope. This goes to show you that hard work does pay off and these kids can catch up rather quickly.
We have one more surgery for next year to remove her lip scar, excess tissue and reshape her nose and then we should be done until we begin her othordontic care a few years from now. This child has been through so much but you would never be able to tell with her uplifting spirit and motherly nature that she provides. She truly is our gift from God.
I will try to do better about updating our blog at least once every few months instead of five months.

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