Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Eve lunch @ Meme & Granddaddy's

The shredded paper quickly became a mess with a small paper fight.

Grandma Susan used Carson as a human shield to end the paper fight. That was just wrong.
Chase is at the very beginning of opening his one hour gift. There was a hole in the top of the box with a clothesline enclosed. He had to keep pulling and every time he came to a clothespin with an envelope, he had to stop and open it. It might have contained fake money combined with real or just fake or just real. The package included shredded paper along the way. Thank you, Grandma Susan (Poppy).

Carson really enjoyed this present.

He dressed himself for church.

Poppy has to read a book to not just one but both.

Carson decided to wrap himself up as a present for Granddaddy.

This is the tree located in the lobby at Meme's new place.
Yes, Carson is being detained.

Meme made us an awesome lunch after church and had her place decorated so nicely.

Oh, how I love Meme's stool.

You look prettiful, sissy.

Meme gets her sugar as well.

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