Monday, August 14, 2006

This waiting room is really cool. I think I'll wait out here while you guys go in and get poked and proded.

Well, I guess I'll just bite my lip and go on in and give them a little bit of blood. I don't think so. It took four people to hold her down.:( I had to wait in the hallway and be the "rescuer" once they brought her back out.

Today was a huge day for Julia. She first went by and saw her friends at Lifeline Children's Services that helped to bring her home to Mommy and Daddy. We love our friends at Lifeline. We then went for lunch and had her favorite, noodles. They stick to the clothing really well.

After lunch, we had to go visit the International Adoption Clinic. We had a great visit I thought but Julia might not agree. These guys are awesome. They do not leave any leaf unturned and are so kind and courteous. We had a lot to do and made it through all of our questions, lab work and the removal of the infamous stitch in her nose (Thank you, Dr. Chambers, for your persistence). I highly recommend you visit these guys if the facility is accessible to you following an adoption. They definitely have their act together. All in all, we had a great day and breathed a sigh of relief because we were given no surprises regarding her health at this point. We have several follow-up doctor visits but feel like all in all that she is doing great.


Billy & Suzanne said...

Hi Leah and Tim,

We love your blog. My sister-in-law met you recently and gave us your blog site. Julia is so precious! I hope all the adjusting is going well. Our daughter is soon to be 23 months. Email me if you want. We have a playgroup you might be interested in. We'd definitely love to have you. We also adopted through Lifleline. Our blog is

Eileen said...

Hey Guys!

We saw your website address over on the Corbett's site! So glad to see Julia doing so well. She is such a sweetie! Can you believe it's been a month? You can see our newest pictures of Maya at

Bye, The Beck, Lyle Eileen, Adam, Madeline, Abby and Maya Qiuju


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