Friday, September 01, 2006

Julia peeling the crayons apart so she could draw and then take a nibble of the crayon. :(-

I want to go back home. Get me off of this surgery bed, please. We let her get away with the upward ponytail (my little Pebbles) today just to get her hair out of her face. We wanted to make sure the surgeon had a really good view of her ears.

Yesterday, we took Julia to UAB for her Cleft Clinic Visit. When we arrived, there was a lady sitting there with her newly adopted little girl. It ended up that she was the same woman that we sat beside at Lucy's in Guangzhou while we were there. How ironic. Her little girl looked great. Julia's visit went very well. She will not have to even be considered for surgery until she is seven years old, if she needs one then. They will probably do a scar revision when she gets to the age where it bothers her.

The geneticist asked if he could have the picture of her before she had surgery for his book that he is writing. They took an after photo while we were there and we hope to get a copy of the book once it is complete. While visiting with the audiologist and ENT at the clinic, they found that Julia had fluid on her ears and would need tubes as soon as possible because her hearing test showed that she has some decrease in hearing in both ears. We got in to see our regular ENT yesterday afternoon and he put tubes in Julia's ears this morning. Was that quick or what?

We took no post-op pics because Julia was not very cooperative after returning to the recovery room. When they came to get us they said she is definitely a roller. She rolled on her way to the surgery room and would not quit rolling until about 15 minutes after putting her in the car to go home. She slept the anethesia off and was good to go. Modern technology is wonderful. We will have her ears retested next week and hope to see some improvement. We are just thankful that she had no reaction to the anethesia and seems to be a normal, healthy little princess... our little princess.

Julia and Carson update... They are doing much better and are starting to treat each other like brother and sister. They are spending less time focusing on fighting for our attention and more time fighting with each other over toys, etc. Sometimes I like to just sit on the floor and watch them interact. It is so funny to see her lecturing him in her China babble while waving her finger or arm at him instructing him to do what she wants him to do. We are in for years of fun.


Green, Party of Four said...

Hey Ms, Julia

We are so glad you are feeling much better and we sure do miss you. Please come and visit soon and tell big brother Matthew that he can still make some money from Aunt Connie.
Love you all

Hodge Family News said...

WOW! That IS getting the job done!
Praying for a wonderful ear visit!

Drew (12)
Ben (9)
Katie Lin (2) home since 3-5-05

Eileen said...

What a trooper little Julia is! We put up a China video on our website. Did you see the Corbetts video? What an amazing change that girl has made!

Bye, Eileen and Maya


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