Sunday, November 12, 2006


This is how I get prepared to smile.

See, I can smile.

Don't forget about my permanent smile.

Julia got a little excited at the Civil War re-enactment.

This cool dude let Chase hold his musket.

Julia's not too sure about this chick's choice of clothing.

This horse is slightly large - Civil War re-enactment.
(Chase, the camera is this way)

The North is ready to fire again.

Please get this oversized rabbit away from me.

Now, stay away from my sippy cup!

First nippy day- Autumn is here.

Yeah, I'm free to run in the leaves.


Drew and Lori said...

thank you for emailing me about your updated blog- i have just sat here and read and read!! i was SO excited to hear about julia! i will keep checking in on your site! i am marking it as a favorite!

Green, Party of Four said...

Hey Gang!

The Green Party of Four sure does miss you guys. We need to get together so the "boys" and "girls" can play together again!
Julia....sweet pretty smile. Aunt Connie loooooves you!


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