Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Chinese New Year Celebration 2007
Year of the Pig

Julia showing off her Lunar year fortune money
Julia trying to read a little Chinese. Check out my new specs. We have to call them specs because every time you say the word "glasses", she will take them off.
Carson giving Meme an after lunch workout. See if you can catch me now, Meme.
Matthew has to resort to leading Julia off the dance floor with money.

Matthew and Chase standing in line to receive their Lunar year fortune money.
Grandma Susan trying to balance Ye and Yan.

Matthew thinks he saw the rubberband under his chair that represented him winning the fish from our table. I think it was ABC gum that he really saw.
Have you ever tried to eat lunch with two babies running around? The food was buffet style and was absolutely not authentic Chinese food as stated. It was awesome. We will definitely attend this first class celebration next year. Unfortunatley, the pics of the lion dance and double dragon dance did not turn out well. I will work on fixing those and reposting. They had a group of college kids from Ohio drive 11 hours to perform for this event. They did a bang up job. The kids had a fun time and got to learn a little more about the Chinese culture. Chase decided to wear his outfit to school the next day and shared a little about his experience at the celebration.


Green, Party of Four said...

Attention Wal Mart shoppers! Chinese New Year is in full swing. Looks like you all got to celebrate before we did. Did you get any fortune money? I hope we do! Our Chinese New Year celebration with Athens FCC is coming up Saturday and we have almost 100 people signed up to come!!! We can't wait to see all the children (but we're not too excited about the food).Wishing we could see you all again.
Jerry, Connie, Austin, and Lily Grace

Tracie said...

Your pictures turned out great. I hated the lightning was bad for our dragon and lion dances pictures. Your site is nice.


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