Thursday, February 22, 2007

Happy 81st Birthday, Meme!

For those of you who read my previous blog on my Granddaddy's birthday, I would like to introduce you to his soul mate and my grandmother. You know how everyone supposedly has a twin? Well, she is mine. We have a lot in common. Meme never, ever meets a stranger and always has plenty to talk about to anyone in any situation. Meme has always been the nurturer of the family and always has something positive to bring to the table. Like Granddaddy, Meme always finds ways to teach you something or share childhood memories with you. Meme serves as a breath of fresh air in todays crazy, fast-paced lifestyle that we all get caught up in. It's always good to have that family member that can help to keep you grounded and bring you back to focus on life's simple pleasures that we take for granted. My entire family is blessed to have Meme in our lives. We have had three babies added to our family over the past year. All three have been named after Meme including Julia.

We Love You,

Leah, Tim, Matthew, Chase, Carson & Julia


drew and lori said...

WOW!! she is beautiful and what a wonderful post.

Green, Party of Four said...

Oftentimes I look around our church and see others' grandparents and think how wonderful it would be for Austin and Lily to have great-grandparents to love and learn from. Your family is truly blessed. This lady, and all those like her, is a national treasure. Love on her and learn from her all you can!


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