Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jr. Beta Club Induction - Matthew & Olivia

Congrats to Matthew and Olivia on entering the Beta Club. Now, let's see if they can remain a member for the rest of their school years.

I don't think Matthew wanted me walking down in front of everyone to get this group shot. Don't you just love embarrasing your kids?

This is Chaz. One of Matthew's best friends since they were little. Chaz is one grade ahead of Matthew so he's always there to give advice on how to handle the next school year coming up.
We solemnly swear to uphold the rules and regulations of the Beta Club, to study every waking hour and never give our parents one minute of problems. Well, it didn't quite go like that but it was close.

This is Alex. She is Matthew's SPECIAL friend this year. Congrats to Alex as well!
I think this is where Matthew and Evan asked me to go back to work and quit taking pictures.

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