Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fabulous 4th of July

Tim taking a well deserved catnap after staying up most of the night to smoke our BBQ..yum Stewart looking for the sharks in the pool to spear.

Daddy had face painting duty.
Who's patriotic?
Its Carson.

Like my swim gear?

After hour project..we picked watermelons out of the patch to sell the day after. Olivia and Tim are having a sign making contest.
$3.00 + $4.00??? I think he needs and ampersand.

Yes, I enjoyed Carson's cupcake.
Julia and Carson entertaining themselves.
Chase and Julia

We had a very relaxed 4th this year and it was awesome. We only caused one brush fire with our fireworks show and scared Carson from watching fireworks for life. One of our fireworks fell over and started shooting straight at all of us onlookers. Let's just say we ran pretty fast while dodging incoming bright white missles. Awesome job, Aunt Cindy, of brooming the fire out. We'll save your broom for next years' show.

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