Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Road Trip w/out Momma???

Julia decided she no longer wanted to sport the ears, so Noonie had to take over.
Julia w/Poppy in GA

Noonie and Julia ready to party!
Mom called about a month ago and requested that Julia and Carson escort her to a annual Halloween Party that is held at Noonie's nieces house in Georgia. That's right, I said Georgia. Let's see, last time I checked that's about four hours from here. Yikes! Well, Carson crouped a couple of nights before their departure...nope - that's an automatic stay at home with Momma, so that left Julia leaving me. She was too excited and had a blast. She left me for 2 DAYS but was just fine. She did start to ask to come home on the last day. She wanted her Momma..awwh. Thank you Noonie and Poppy for spoiling her once AGAIN.

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