Sunday, February 28, 2010

Caleb and Matthew taking on noodle duty before we got started.
This was our inside assembly line. The plates then went to an outside table and the guys outside delivered plates to the cars as they drove by.

This was not Chase's station. Not sure why he was hanging around the croutons.

Amy braved the heat and wrestled with these noodles all night. Luv ya, girl.

Meredith was my scripture queen for the night. We actually got to witness our noodles multiplying to feed many.

Jennifer and Kim were our desert and bread stuffers. Thank you, ladies.

Fun with Fundraiser #1

Well, it's been a while since I have posted. I have to remind myself sometimes that this blog is considered to be my little girls "baby book". Right now it might seem that some happenings that are recorded are a little trivial but someday it will be priceless information that my girls will enjoy reading.

Let me first start by saying, it moves me to tears to see the love shown for Chaning before she has even arrived. Right now, Chaning has no clue that her life is about to be changed and that so many others, besides the ones surrounding her now, are lifting her up in prayer and are awaiting her arrival just as excited as we are.

I know many of you are wanting to know how the spaghetti dinner went. It was awesome and the response was enormous. My goal was to sell 500 plates. We ended up with the equivalent of selling 570 plates. WOW!!!

If you know me, well, I'm a little anal (thanks for the label, Amy) about things being organized, written down and not changed in midstream (unless I can visualize the outcome). I have to say that God placed each and every person in their place at the right time for this to be pulled off as smoothly as it was. I cannot thank the people that baked, cooked sauce, donated the bread, gave their secrets of commercial cooking wisdom and most of all donated their time. I will share that the day before the dinner Satan kept throwing road blocks in our way but God placed rainbows right behind them. We love each and every one of you!

With Julia, we did a huge auction and that was our only fundraiser. With today's economy and the months that it took to put together that auction, we felt it best that we chose things to do to raise money for Chaning's adoption that everyone could participate in. This brings us now to Fundraiser #2. We will be having a two location yard sale on April the 3rd. We are asking people to give us a call when spring cleaning this year and we will come and pick up your items that you would like to donate. Even without me promoting this up until now, we have been receiving items weekly. I can tell you that we are getting some GOOD stuff. I don't know about you but I love a good yard sale and this will be for a great cause.

This week is the week that Julia has her 3rd surgery for her cleft lip revision. Her being a year older has made a huge difference in us being able to prepare her for what is to come. I always hated when one of my babies had surgery but were too young to know what was going on. Those were some long trips from the house to the hospital knowing you are handing your child over and they have no clue. We are hoping to bring her home the same day because she had no issues after the last surgery. Please pray that this is the case and that she has a short recovery. She is such a strong little girl and so brave but when she wakes up from anesthesia, that all goes out the window. I'm sure my name will be called over the intercome system within five minutes of her waking up. We have even been asked to leave a surgical center one time after she woke up because they felt that she would calm down if I got her out of there. She is a fighter and we love her.

You might notice I have added a chip in button on our right-hand side. This might give you a little head's up to our 3rd Fundraiser. No details right now, but we will probably be having a giveaway in April. Stay tuned.

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