Monday, July 26, 2010

Pearl River Cruise

Today was not the best day I have had in China but it was another day learning about my daughter's strength and beauty.  We started the day meeting in the lobby at our usual 9:30 time.  We traveled via our bus to the island so that all the kids could have their TB test read.  Well, guess who arm looked raised and suspicious?  Yes, Chaning seemed to have failed their test so she had to move on to the next step which was a chest x-ray.  Needless to say, I was a little emotional while we went through this little escapade.  Thank you Rebecca for checking on us and calming my fears and thank you Patty for praying over my little girl before the x-ray.  It also helped that mom and Joan happened to walk to the medical plaza with me as well.  Little sleep, home sick and now worrying about my baby doesn't make for a happy momma.  I paid for her x-ray and they called us back.  I had Miko explain to Chaning that all they were doing was taking a picture of her.  My little princess stepped right up to the machine raised her arms as instructed and smiled for the picture of her chest.  I think there was a little bonding going on at that moment between the two of us.  We waited about 5 minutes and Miko came out and said I could relax her x-rays were clear and she had a false positive.  But, we are now going to be the proud owner of a large set of x-rays that we get to lug back through the airport and to immigration so that we can prove that she does not have tb in order to enter the U.S.  You have got to be kidding me.  Could we not just check a box saying it is clear. 5 more days and we will be HOME!!!!!  Is anyone detecting a tad bit of PMS in my voice.  Yes, it is almost midnight and I should be sleeping but want to make sure I document the exciting times we are having.
Tonight, we went on the Pearl River Cruise.  It really was no different than when we went back in 2006.  Pigs knuckles, fried chicken feet, yard moss, those are just a few of the yummy items that were on the buffet.  I had the boys run out to Starbucks once we got back.  Chaning did enjoy the food and the ice cream.  This girl loves her some orange juice and ice cream.  The orange juice you receive in China is freshly squeezed.  She is going to be in for a rude awakening when we return home and she finds out I do not get up every morning and squeeze our oranges.
Story for later - Today on the bus, our guide said she would like to call each families name out to make sure we were there.  She asked that when she called out our child's name in Chinese, we could just raise our hand to let her know we were there.  Chaning was standing up in her seat.  When Miko said Li Yun, Chaning raised her hand up really high and just started smiling.  The whole bus was laughing.  This girl is a crazy mess.  We have all had fun with her.  She is extremely smart and does not get aggravated at my English speaking self as she continues to teach me Chinese.
Pictures may become fewer as my camera lense was accidentally busted on our cruise tonight.  Tim, please wire money for your sweetie a new camera. 


Anonymous said...

How wonderful that things are going so well! I guess we can expect a few "glitches" from time to time, but I'm so happy that you are bonding. Praying for a safe and uneventful next few days as you prepare to return home.

Anne-Marie Mitchell

Tracie said...

Loved keeping up with you all on your trip to get your second daughter. Is that your guide holding Chaning? She looks like one of the guides we had over there.

Julie said...

what a great update!! How I remember that cruise. By that time...we were all just ready to go home!

What a bummer about your camera! Yes Tim..please wire money to your sweetie!!

Green, Party of Five said...

Oh how I remember the wonderful cruise and yes it hasnt changed at all. We also got food before and after the cruise.
I know you are so ready to come home and be with the rest of your babies. Im praying the next few days will go quickly for you.
Chaning is precious and she and Julia are going to be the best of sisters. Just dont let them share any scissors together (like my twin twisters just did) and you will be doing great.
Love you my friend!


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