Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Chaning's First Day of visiting her School

Tomorrow will be the big test as Tim returns to work.  I will deliver kids to four schools, sit with Chaning at her school for hours, return to pick up one kid for his well check-up 25 miles away and then go back to where I started to pick up one from football practice.  Today was quite similar with fewer trips back and worth and I'm already thinking of how early we can all go to sleep tonight.  I love when they are in school because of the routine but it takes some getting used to.
Chaning was very excited about her first visit to her school today.  Upon entering the building, those grins of excitement quickly turned to leg holding and two words, "Go home".  No, I am not leaving her for quite some time as we are still learning who goes where, when and why.  This has got to be another huge adjustment for her seeing she is surrounded by 17 other littles that are speaking a foreign language and teachers that are giving instructions that she can't understand as well.  Although, I have to say her comprehension of English is getting stronger every day.  Her expressive language will be a while yet. She is extremely organized when it comes to the centers but is very territorial when it comes to the playground.  This too shall pass.  I love my brave girl and would so like to take her fears away from her but know that only repetition and time will diminish them.
I would love to stay and chat a bit longer but bath and bed are calling really loud right now. 

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Eileen said...

I'm thankful we've got a few more weeks until school starts!

When we get a chance in that crazy schedule of yours, I'd love it if you'd e-mail me. I need helpful hints/tips/advice on adopting a child who will be nearly four!


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