Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Mr. Jetlag, please go away!

Lunch at around 3:00 at Johnny Rockets
My precious big sister.

A visit to B'ham would not be complete without visiting Karla. Chaning was past tired by this time.

This was rice krispie treat #1 out of many snacks she consumed during our 4 hour visit to the Intl Adoption Clinic today. She was a trooper but the ear wax removal was almost a deal breaker. Daddy had to pull the plug on the blood drawing after they continued to not find good vial is all you get.


jodymcnatt said...

leah! so good to be connected with you. just looking at your blog. love it. we were at the pediatrician's office all afternoon...the blood draw about did me in. worst experience ever. bella has teeny tiny veins too ....really tough.
miss you guys. so glad to see you home. hated we didn't get say goodbye...but REALLY enjoyed your family while in china. isn't it nice to brush our teeth with tap water again! love, jody

living4him5 said...

Hey Leah! I totally agree about the jet lag...UGH!!! So happy to have found your blog.

Amy <><


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