Sunday, June 18, 2006

Today is Father's Day - Yesterday we went to celebrate Father's Day with Granddaddy. We had a nice visit and sneaked in some photographs. Still cannot wait to have Julia so that she can enjoy those visits with Meme and Granddaddy. We went to church this morning and then enjoyed a nice lunch with Papa Thomas and Grandpa Jim to celebrate. Tim and the boys ended the day with a paddle boat trip at the lake while visiting Grandpa Jim. The boys got Tim the infamous pink Polo shirt for Father's Day so we all dressed in pink for church. Should have had a group photo but didn't have a photographer at the time. Aunt Cindy and Uncle Tony just returned from Hawaii and did bring Julia back a pink Hawaiian dress. She would have matched perfectly.

This week has been a long and emotional one. We have yet to hear when we will receive our TA's. We should be receiving them this week but will believe that when we see it. We lost a dear friend this week to a car accident, Austin Sexton (9-years old). It is way too close to home to lose one of our kids from church - our son's friend - a child that we have taught in Sunday School. Although we know where Austin is right now, it is so painful to know that he will no longer be here with us. I just pray for his mother and father right now and they will find strength to get through this. We will miss Austin!

Well, our bags are packed and we are past ready to get Julia. The longer we have to wait the more over the weight limit my luggage becomes.

Picture #1 - Great Granddaddy, please don't stop rubbing my gums.
Picture #2 - Our Father's Day pose - Carson gave me one chance to get the picture.
Picture #3 - Meme resorted to a pretend tea party to get Carson content.

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