Monday, June 19, 2006

Today two of the couples that we will be traveling with, hopefully, received their Travel Approvals. We will be next! We are still looking at a July 31st Consulate appointment with us leaving on July 20th. If this works out, I will be in Nanning on July 22nd to have Julia placed in my arms and start signing all the paperwork. I continue to pray for a smooth transition for her and feel more confident of that with each day that we are waiting..patiently. This wait has been horrible and I cannot imagine the people who are having to wait 18 months from LID now. Maybe we will here something this week and breath a little easier knowing we have a definite date. One good thing is that this does keep me at home for Carson's 1st Birthday. He should be walking by the time Julia gets here so they can run a little foot race to Mommy's lap.:)

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