Sunday, July 09, 2006

Annual Zoo passes are great! We decided to spend the entire day together doing "kid stuff". As you can see, Tim and I have yet to get our TA but are still being told that we should be leaving on the 20th of this month. One week from this Thursday. It's hard to believe it and get excited when it's really not for certain at this point. We both look like we are going on a TA hunt in our pic. We decided to go back to the Zoo and figured it was a good opportunity for Matthew to practice one more time with the digital camera. He did pretty good.

We left the Zoo and went school shopping since we will get back one week before school starts. I'm not sure if Julia is going to want to put that at the top of her list of things to do when she arrives. I know it will not be at the top of mine. We went ahead and booked our tickets Friday and that felt great even though we may have to change them. The price of airline tickets to China purchased a week before you leave can be extremely costly. We were fortunate enough to get some great rates through the NorthWest Airlines adoption program. We are going to get to fly into Japan and then straight to China.

I spent some time tonight looking at Julia's pictures that we have and cannot get over how beautiful she is and how desparate I am becoming to get my "Mommy" hands on her. I continue to pray that she will have a smooth transition into our family and that her bonding time with Tim goes just as smooth when we return with her. Our current flights have us coming back into Montgomery at 9:00 p.m. I'm sure Julia's sleeping pattern will be thrown for a loop. We may be up all night when we get home. Tim can have that shift to bond with her.:)

Cross your fingers that we hear something definitive tomorrow. My SW is supposed to let me know it they will not send her back to the orphanage before we get her. I do not want her to go back, if at all possible. It is almost 11:00 a.m. on Monday morning in China right now. I am ready to get my daughter.

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