Monday, December 08, 2008

1st Class Health Care @ UAB!

Six hours after surgery the nurse suggested we get her out of the room and take a stroll to see the Christmas trees in the lobby. She decided to give Julia a little codeine before our little trip. Can you say WOOZY?

Top Notch entertainment for our little princess. They had a clowns come around after dinner to see each child. Julia was still floating on the meds so she mainly just stared at them like they were out of their minds.

Note Snowball continued to stay with Julia up until our departure the next day. You know when they ask you to check the room and make sure you packed everything up but leave your cell number just in case you forget something. We got about 10 miles from home and it hit me that Julia wasn't holding Snowball. Oops! We got home and called our precious nurse. Snowball obviously is now living in the laundry area of UAB. He was swallowed up by the sheets.
Julia asked for him every day and wanted to know when he was coming home from the hospital. Uggh.

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Eileen said...

So glad Julia's surgery went so well....and that she got a replacement Snowball!

When Maya had her liver biopsy she just wanted to take back her blankie. It's so ratty looking I thought they'd never allow it, but thankfully they did.

This was Maya's first year sitting happily with Santa too. For her it was all about the candy cane!

Merry Christmas


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