Sunday, January 04, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

Mom & Meme Christmas afternoon

Julia and Carson w/Gdaddy Christmas Afternoon

Our newest addition this Christmas, Little Thomas. What cute cheeks he has.

Carson deciding how he wants to move in for the hug with cousin Emily, Thomas's big sister.

Meme w/Carson and Julia Christmas afternoon

Carson who is no longer intimidated by his dinosaur that Poppy bought him for Christmas. I think they have now become bestest friends.

Chase finally got the Wii that he had been longing for.

Julia, Carson and Poppy Christmas morning. Cousin Megan got Julia the Hanna Tanna guitar and it appears that Julia struck gold.

Out of all the toys Santa brought, Carson decided to ignore them all except for the tub of dinos.

Yes, Matthew opened a shaving kit from Poppy. He is now sporting a dark shadow that is starting to resemble a mustache...NO WAY! I don't think I can adjust to him shaving at 14.
Matthew scored big with his new Xbox 360 and Guitar Hero for said Xbox.

Julia only wanted to open her stocking Christmas morning and pull each piece of candy and loot out one at a time.

Don't you just love the no make-up Christmas morning pictures? Gotta luv em.

Julia's Santa

Carson's Santa

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