Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First Full Day Together

Last night went very well.  After Chaning grieved herself into sleep at the Civil Affairs Office, we came back to the hotel. On the way back to the hotel, she laid her body on my chest and just stared out the window sucking her two fingers.  She would not let me lift her away from me to look at her. Once we arrived at the hotel, she walked in the room and instantly began to walk around and become more relaxed.  We played for a while and then went to dinner.  She eats tiney tiny bites and chews the recommended 100 chews per bite plus some.  She eats very little but lights up when she sees some chocolate. This is definitely my kind of girl.  We returned to our room and she was excited about her bath because of all her new bath toys.  She played in the tub excitedly for a while.  She layed down and went to sleep very well holding her pictures of her new family.

Today, we had to return to the same exact room at Civil Affairs that we went to pick her up.  It worried me something awful that she would get upset, but she did not.  She was real quiet but did good.  We are now officially her parents according to China but not the USA yet.  We rested in the room for a few hours and then decided to all take a taxi over to Shaimian Island.  I thought I would go the remainder of the trip with Chaning walking beside me holding my hand versus a stroller.  That theory was thrown out the window after walking through 3 shops.  She is the proud owner of a stroller now.. one of which she leaned over and kissed in delight once we started pushing her around.  She is happy and momma is happy.  She has had her bath and is already asleep which I will be right behind her after getting up AGAIN at 4 a.m.  Please just shoot me if I get up that early in the morning again.  Tomorrow we will go to the police station to apply for her Chinese Passport and Visa.  Did I mention that she loves/aggravate Chase and Foster and they like to pick on her as well.

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Eileen said...

She is so pretty! And it sounds like she's doing fantastic. What a brave little girl.

As of yesterday, we have news!!!! Maya's getting a brother!


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