Monday, July 31, 2006

Yes, it is four days later and I am going back and blogging. Long story short, I wasn't able to blog Monday night due to internet issues. Tuesday was a blur and we traveled Wednesday. I am going to attempt to catch us up. I have several pictures from Monday so bare with me.

Monday, we went to the zoo and had a great time. Julia slept during the first half and woke up around the fish aquarium part. The lady in the pic with her is someone that asked to have her picture taken. I guess she thought we were going to post it on our blog or something.:) I actually, asked for her daughter to get her pic with Julia and then she wanted hers done as well. She walked away pretty excited. I have put several animal pics on here because at the time Chase wanted a picture posted of every animal in the zoo. I don't think so.

We returned to the hotel just in time for lunch and then a few hours of shopping. We all met up around 5:30 that evening we all met up for the infamous red couch pictures. I had no clue that the moms were going to be in the pics. Don't I look really happy about it? Not when my hair looked like it had been through a whirlwind and my tank top was not what I would have picked. Yes, I resorted to the tank top once returning from the zoo soaking wet from head to toe with sweat. Nevertheless, Julia took good pictures.

Afer the pictures, we went on our Pearl River Cruise. As you can see, Julia slept on the way to the boat. She always seemed to fit her naps in on our tight schedule. You will see photos of Julia and I in front of the White Swan Hotel from the top deck of the boat. You will also see a picture of Julia and Madelyn (Julia's peek-a-boo) friend. Madelyn was a great help on the trip and her new little sister is very lucky to have her. Thank you, Madelyn. Julia enjoyed the cruise but it was a job chasing her around the boat. Seeing the town in lights at night was a real treat.


Hodge Family News said...

So glad you posted!!! LOVE all of the pics! WELCOME HOME!!!

DH Jeff
DS Drew (12)
DS Ben (9)
DD Katie Lin (2) home since 3-5-05

Darren and Julie said...

Leah and family!!

I was so glad that you left a comment on my blog with your blog address. I was kicking myself that I didn't get it before we left! Julia seems to be doing wonderfully. We definitely had more difficulty with our 2 1/2 year old also. He wasn't ready to be replaced as the baby. But he is really adjusting now. Tell Matthew that I was relieved to see that there was not a picture of my backside on your blog!!! It was so great to get to know ya'll a little bit and I will definitely be watching for updates on your sweet daughter!!


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