Friday, August 04, 2006

We're home! Life as we knew it has now changed again. Wow, four kids..two in diapers. We arrived at the Montgomery airport around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday night only to be greeted by a crowd of friends and relatives. Julia did great on all five plane trips and then decides to scream and I mean scream the last 15 minutes of the 45 minute trip from Memphis to Montgomery. She had had enough and was ready to get out of the cramped quarters that she had been confined to for 20 hours. No, I did not purchase her own seat and I'm glad that I didn't waste the money. She would only sit in my lap and it was only until the end of the longest flight did she let me lay her across my lap and Matthew's. What's the record for holding a kid for the longest time? I felt like I was coming close to matching or passing such record. Thank goodness Nancy and Mother were with us in Memphis. I got a touch of air sickness or pure exhaustion and became motion sick after we got off the plane. Matthew and I slept sitting straight up in the terminal while waiting for our 7:40 plane to leave. Around 7:00 p.m. I awoke to the announcement that the gate had been changed. We moved our luggage and were then told we had no plane. We ended up taking off around 8:30. Dramamine works wonders!

I would like to say thank you to those who came to the airport to greet Julia and for all the wonderful gifts that you presented her with. I would also like to say that we know that the power of prayer works. I have heard of how many people were praying for us and I know that we were watched over during our trip and Julia's transition. It has only been until now that I have been able to see my blog and the many comments that were left during our trip. I was so touched by the kind words and only wish that I could have gotten them sooner. Yes, Chaz, I will mention your name. Even with a computer that crashed, you managed to get your mother to take you to the local library to watch us. That was very thoughtful of you. It's a little crazy around here right now and a little bit of a change for all of us but the craziness will pass in time.

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