Sunday, July 30, 2006

Day 11- We are still going strong here but will be glad to go home this week. Julia is still doing great. It is amazing how each baby is different and seems to be a perfect fit for the family that adopted them. God works in great ways! All of the children have been wonderful. I now look back to the first two days and feel so bad for Julia. Her first night she just layed in her crib and looked up saying nothing. Tonight, when it's time for bed, she fights me because she wants to stay up and play like a typical child. Her true personality came out and you can see how inverted she was during that adjustment period.

Today, we had to say goodbye to Andy. He had to fly back to his province in China. Andy is our China facilitator's son. He knows no English and Matthew knows no Chinese but somehow they figured out a way to play together. We took one last photo of the guys together this morning.. Conner, Matthew, Andy and Austin. We then headed off on a bus to the "Mall". It was very interesting and huge..several layers of floors. The took us to a pearl and jade market. The dads and sons took off to the DVD/CD store where there are DVD's that are still at the movies??? The movies were about 16 yuan a piece, cheap, less than $2 a piece. They then took us to a luggage store so we could all buy another suitcase. You can imagine how we are running out of room. We got a photo of Julia with Lily Grace. We have waited a long time for those two to be together. Lily Grace will also reside in Alabama. We have three southern bells heading home this week.

We took Julia to Lucy's restaurant tonight for some American food. She decided she wanted to start eating on her own, eggs and mashed potatoes. She actually did very well considering she was on her third outfit for the day in the photo. We then decided to fancy the deli beside the hotel and you can see in the picture what kind of wonderful cakes they have by the slice, of course. Julia picked her slice out herself but didn't seem to like it too much once returning to the room. Could it have been the ice cream Grandma Susan fed her on the way up to the room? Matthew stays down in the game room for hours at night with his new friends. We have to trick Julia when I go to check on Matthew. I'll stroll behind her and then switch with mother and take off in a different direction than they are going. You should see her face when she realizes that we did the big switch on her and her Grandma is pushing her and not me.

The blurred picture is in front of the waterfall on the 1st floor of the hotel. This hotel is absolutely beautiful. It is supposed to be one of or the finest hotels in the world. I believe it. This whole island caters to the adopting families. Each shop has a routine down to a fine science of luring you in and asking you the three basic questions - Which province is your baby from? How long will you be here? How many children do you have? They then play with your baby so you can shop. They do not want your baby to get upset so you have to leave. I then turn Matthew loose on them to barter. That kid is amazing. I think I will rent him out as a personal shopper to the other families.

BTW, Julia has officially had her last bowl of meat congee. Thank you for trying to find the recipe Aunt Cindy but she will no longer accept that as her food. Last night at the Thai restaurant she shook her head no when they put it in front of her and pointed to my food. Didn't take that girl long to start getting westernized.

Tomorow we will go to the Zoo to see the pandas and come back and rest tomorrow afternoon. I am going to blog twice tonight because I found several Gotcha Day photos on Grandma Susan's camera tonight that I didn't know she had.

Please pray for the final transition of these children as we all prepare to leave Wednesday morning.

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Carol said...

Alabama bound!!! Julia will love Alabama and everything about it. Thank you for taking of your precious time to include us all in your daily progress and adventures. Sounds like China is a bargain shoppers dream! I've got to get another memory card for my camera!! Lot of picture ops tomorrow. We'll be lined up waiting our turn to get our hands on the newest Thomas. Be safe. God is good. He is good ALL THE TIME!! Love, Grandma Carol, Poppa Jim and Kasey


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